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50+ of the BEST Kids Summer Fun Activities

50+ of the best kids summer fun activities…creative ideas for making this summer break extra memorable!

Collage of summer activities

Most kids know the feeling of sitting in a desk and watching the clock for the final countdown before SUMMER arrives! For kids, summer is a magical time of the year full of exciting possibilities and endless fun, but for parents summer can be a bit intimidating. Let’s face it, it’s hard to come up with activities that will get your kids off the couch and outside enjoying the day.

Below are 50+ creative and fun activities to help parents make this summer the best yet! The following ideas are so unique and will empower parents with quick responses when hearing the phrase, “I’m bored”.

Sand Slime

Making and playing with slime is one activity that kids absolutely adore! This “Fish in a Bag” idea will add extra excitement to playing with slime.

sand slime

Easy Sand Slime

Soap Boat Races

Soap Boat Races are easy to put together and a whole lot of slippery fun! Kids will love racing against each other in this fun activity.

soap boat
I Heart Naptime

 Soap Boat Races


If you haven’t tried pizookies then you are missing out my friend! Kids will have so much fun helping to bake this delicious dessert and of course eating it, yum!

Pizookie in a pan
I Heart Naptime

Pizookie(Cookie Pizza) via I Heart Naptime

Squirt Gun Painting

Squirt Gun Painting is a unique twist on classic water color and kids will love it! This is definitely a winner and takes minimal effort to prepare.

Squirt Gun painting
Fireflies + Mud Pies

Colorful Squirt Gun Painting via Fireflies + Mud Pies

Tricycle Car Wash

This DIY car wash is darling! It may take some work to put together, but if you’ve got the time kids will absolutely love this water adventure!

Car wash for kids
Design Mom

DIY Tricycle Car Wash via Design Mom

DIY Sponge Balls

DIY sponge balls are great for those hot summer days when the kids want to get wet! This idea is similar to water balloons but without the mess.

Sponge balls in a bucket of water
The Krazy Coupon Lady

Sponge Balls via The Krazy Coupon Lady

Water Balloon Pinatas

Water Balloon Pinatas are an inexpensive alternative to the classic pinata and twice the fun during those hot summer days!

Kids and hanging water balloons
Milk Allergy Mom

Water Balloon Pinatas via Milk Allergy Mom

Science Experiment

Want to avoid going outside? Try doing a science experiment inside! Kids will love seeing all the beautiful colors in these rainbow science experiments!

Rainbow Science Experiments

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Glow in the Dark Bowling is a crowd favorite and keeps kids entertained after the sun goes down. It’s simple to put together and so much fun!

Glow in the dark bowling
passion for savings

Glow in the Dark Bowling via passion for savings

DIY Solar Oven

Creating solar ovens is always a fun activity and it teaches kids just how powerful and incredible the sun is. From cooking marshmallows to pizza this idea is a hit!

Solar Oven with s'mores
I Can Teach my Child

Make your Own Solar Oven via I Can Teach my Child

Family Picnic

Spend time together and go on a family picnic! This activity is sure to bring lots of laughter and quality bonding time. Make sure to bring fun games to play!

home stories A to Z

Tips for Creating a Memorable Family Picnic via home stories A to Z

Magnetic Fishing

Magnetic fishing is the perfect activity for younger kiddos who want to learn how to fish! Try adding a toy or treat to each fish for more fun!

Felt Magnetic Fishing Game
Natural Beach Living

Fun Felt DIY Magnetic Fish Game for Kids via Natural Beach Living

Color Scavenger Hunt

Get outside and enjoy the day with a color scavenger hunt! Kids will love exploring the outdoors looking for different colors.

Patches of color on a white paper bag

Simple Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids via iheartcraftythings

Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Ice block treasure hunts are perfect for those kiddos who love the game I Spy. This is also a very inexpensive activity if you use objects you already have!

Ice block with toys inside
The Inspired Home

Summer Fun: Ice Block Treasure Hunting via The Inspired Home

Tie-Dye Beach Towel

Towels are used so often during summer and kids will have a blast designing their very own tie-dye towel!

Tie-dye beach towels
Learning Resources

End of Summer Tie-Dye Beach Towels via Learning Resources

Giant Nail Salon

Get out the paints and get ready for some fun! A giant nail salon helps kids exercise their creativity and they love it.

Cardboard box with hands and paint
Happy Toddler Playtime

Giant Nail Salon for Kids via Happy Toddler Playtime

Family Bike Ride

Who says summer fun can’t involve exercise? Family bike rides are a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some sun rays!

Mother and daughter riding bikes
Thrifty Nifty Mommy

The Ten Best Tips for Family Bike Rides via Thrifty Nifty Mommy

Berry Picking

Berry picking is one of my favorite activities! Watch as the kiddos get so excited as they search for the perfect berry. The berries also taste delicious on some vanilla ice cream “wink wink”.

two boys picking berries
Camille Styles

Summer Berry Picking via Camille Styles

Build a Fort

Building a fort is not only extremely fun but it helps kids develop some engineering skills! Plus it’s makes for the perfect nook to read books and watch movies!

Kids sitting under a blanket fort
The Littles & Me

Blanket Fort Family Night via The Littles & Me

Ice Cream in a Bag

Ice cream in a bag is a classic summer activity that os so simple and tastes so delicious. Kids will love having their own bag of ice cream that they made!

Ice cream in a bag

Ice Cream in a Bag via delish

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings

Pipe cleaner should be a staple in everyones home because of all the fun crafts that you can do with it! Kids will have so much fun creating their own rings to wear around.

Pipe cleaner butterfly rings
one little project

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings via one little project

Family Campout

Want to get away from the city? Try having a family campout! Kids will love being able to run around and explore the outdoors!

A family camping together
Four Around the World

Genius Hacks for Camping with Kids via Four Around the World

Bubble Snake Maker

This is not your normal bubble machine! This bubble snake maker is an affordable unique craft that kiddos will have so much fun creating.

Child blowing bubbles through a water bottle
The Mad House

How to Make a Bubble Snake Maker via The Mad House

Sensory Box Game

Take some time to help develop your child’s memory and sensory skills with this sensory box game! The entire family will love testing their skills with this game.

Little boy with his hands in a box
Hands On as we grow

Simple DIY Guess What’s in the Box Sensory Game via Hands On as we grow

Pass the Water Game

This water game is probably one of the most inexpensive and easy to put together summer activity that you’ll find! This is definitely an idea to keep in your parent tool box.

Kids pouring water
A Girl and a Glue Gun

Pass the Water via A Girl and a Glue Gun

Outdoor Name Art

Kids love writing their name and will love painting it even more! This name art craft is an easy to put together fun summer activity!

Kids painting on their names
Busy Toddler

Outdoor Name Art Activity via Busy Toddler

Family Pizza Night

Who doesn’t love pizza? A pizza night is a fabulous summer activity and can be paired with a fun family movie night!

Hosting a fun family night doesn't have to be hard. Recreate this Easy Family Pizza Night pizza that your family (and friends!) will love!

Family Pizza Night

Decorate Cupcakes

Time to get out those sprinkles! Decorating cupcakes is so much fun for everyone but especially kids. Here’s a delicious buttercream recipe to get you started!

Buttercream frosting
I Heart Naptime

Classic Buttercream Frosting Recipe via I Heart Naptime

DIY Lava Lamps

Lava lamps will forever be one of the coolest inventions. This DIY lava lamp will for sure be an exciting summer activity for any kiddo!

DIY Lava Lamp

How to Make a Lava Lamp via Mashable

Marshmallow Shooters

Here’s a twist on the classic PVC marshmallow gun. These shooters are extremely simple to put together and kids love them!

DIY marshmallow shooters -a fun kids craft for summer time!

DIY Marshmallow Shooters

Drive-In Movie Cars

This is one of my all time favorite ideas! Drive-In cardboard cars are a blast for kids to design and even more fun for them to sit in while watching a movie. This idea is even more fun with a group of kids!

Cardboard cars for kids
Just Add Confetti

DIY Cardboard Box Cars via Just Add Confetti

Paint Rocks

Painting rocks is so simple that we often forget how much fun it is. The truth is that kids love it and the rocks make for beautiful additions to the garden!

Rock Painting Ideas
Rhythms of Play

How to Paint Rocks and Rock Painting Ideas via Rhythms of Play


Kids are fascinated with how things grow and this juice box garden is a fantastic way to teach kids how to care for a plant!

Juice Carton planters
Hands On As We Grow

Upcycled Planter Flower Garden for Kids via Hands On As We Grow

Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Why spend money at the store for an expensive water sprinkler for the kids to run through when you can make your own! This pool noodle sprinkler is affordable and a blast for the kiddos.

Little Girl playing in pool noodle sprinkler
Capturing Parenthood

DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler via Capturing Parenthood

Water Balloon Fight

Summer would not be the same without the classic water balloon fight. This classic game is so much fun but can be a little stressful preparing for it. Below are some tips for organizing the perfect water balloon fight!

Water balloons
Get Your Holiday On

How to Make a Water Balloon Fight Easier via Get Your holiday On

DIY Chalk

Avoid trips to the grocery store to replace broken chalk bits and make your own! This DIY chalk recipe is a staple for every household during the summer months.

Homemade Chalk
Yesterday on Tuesday

Homemade Chalk from Yesterday on Tuesday

Fairy Garden

This fairy garden idea is perfect for those kiddos who love crafting. This can sit inside or outside by the garden.

DIY Fairy Garden
Life. Family. Joy.

Dollar Tree DIY Fairy Garden for Kids via Life. Family. Joy.

Backyard Tight Rope

Test your kids balance with this fun backyard tight rope! Get out the camera because this activity is going to be a lot of fun!

Girls on a playing on a tight rope
Kids Activities

Backyard Tight-Rope{Activity for Kids} via Kids Activities

Butterfly Craft

This butterfly craft is easy for kids to do and looks amazing in the window! It can also be turned into a teaching moment about metamorphosis.

Easy Butterfly Craft for Kids

Seashell Picture Frame

Ever wonder what to do with all those shells your kids snagged from the beach? Add them to a picture frame! This seashell picture frame is so beautiful and easy to make!

Seashell picture frame
Make It Your Own

Seashell Frame via Make It Your Own

DIY Water Blob

How fun is this?! This DIY water blob is a great way to keep kiddos off of the hot ground and as you can imagine kids love it!

Mini Water Blob
Hello, Wonderful

How to Make Mini Water Blobs via Hello, Wonderful


This popular game has gotten a lot of popularity recently. Cornhole is a wonderful addition to every backyard and with it brings loads of fun!

DIY Cornhole
Lovely Indeed

DIY Cornhole Game via Lovely Indeed

Backyard Movie Night

Everyone needs to experience a backyard movie night at least once in their lifetime! This is a great idea for slumber parties, birthday parties, and Friday nights!

Kids watching an movie outdoors
Life by Leanna

Backyard Movie Night at Home for Summer via Life by Leanna

Flamingo Ring Toss

Try this unique version of ring toss for extra fun this summer! Kids will have a blast attempting to throw a ring around the flamingos neck and everyone else will love watching them try!

DIY Flamingo Ring Toss Game
Sugar & Cloth

DIY Flamingo Ring Toss Game via Sugar & Cloth

Dinosaur Fossils

Got kids who loves dinosaurs? These dinosaur fossils are for you! This activity is not only so much fun but also a great opportunity to kids about fossils.

DIY Dinosaur Fossils
Made to be a Momma

Dinosaur Fossils for Kids via Made to be a Momma

Lemonade Stand

I love lemonade stands. They teach kids entrepreneurship and make lots of people smile. The link below shows some fun ways to decorate a lemonade stand!

Lemonade Stand

How to Build a Perfectly Portable Lemonade Stand via HGTV

Puppet Show

Spend an afternoon developing creativity with a DIY puppet show! Puppet shows allow kids to be their goofy selves and bond with their siblings and friends!

DIY Doorway Puppet Theatre

DIY Doorway Puppet Theatre via Gluesticks

Bird House

Constructing a bird house is a wonderful bonding experience between parent and child and kids love it when the birds come to eat!

DIY Popsicle Stick Bird House
Crafts for Kids

DIY Pop Stick Bird House Feeder via Crafts for Kids

Snow Cone

Whether in a cup or cone, snow cones are a must during the summer. Below is a link to a homemade syrup recipe that kids will love!

pink shaved ice

Homemade Snow Cone Syrup

DIY Slip n Slide

Slip n slides should be on everyone’s summer bucket list! They are so entertaining and don’t need to be expensive! Check out this DIY slip n slide below for affordable fun!

Kids on a Giant Slip n Slide
All Things Thrifty

How to Build a Huge Slip n Slide for Under $50 via All Things Thrifty

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  1. Best roundup ever! So many great ideas, Katie!! Thanks for including our snake socks (; My 6 yr is saying “let’s make one right now!” XO

  2. Great ideas!! These activities will definitely keep the kiddos entertained for the summer! Thanks so much for sharing them all!!