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Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

Sidewalk Chalk Ideas...chalk games and art like you’ve never seen before! Activities that will keep you busy all summer long.

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Sidewalk Chalk Art

Summer is finally here! Some of my favorite things about summer are the fresh watermelon, refreshing smoothies, trips to the pool, and endless outdoor activities. There are just so many fun things to do outside when it’s warm! One outdoor activity that will never be outdated is sidewalk chalk. In fact, it is such a beloved form of art that it’s been around since the Stone age, dating back to the 16-century! Drawing on the sidewalk is just so much fun, and kids love it!

I have many fond memories as a child using chalk to play games. Hopscotch and four-square were my personal favorites! Below I have compiled a list of some amazing chalk games, activities, and art that you and your kiddos will absolutely love. Sidewalk chalk is the perfect activity for a long summer day. Have fun!

Homemade Chalk

The neat thing about chalk is that it can be made into so many unique shapes and forms. This is definitely a benefit to making it instead of buying it at the store. Check out these fabulous ideas below.

Chalk Paint

This sidewalk chalk paint is a fun twist on a classic activity. Your kiddos will love squeezing the paint bottle to create beautiful designs.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint
Living Well Mom

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint for Kids via Living Well Mom

Flower Pot

Use a flower mold to create beautiful floral sidewalk chalk. Pair these with a pot you’ve got a fabulous gift idea!

Homemade sidewalk chalk in all different shapes from iheartnaptime.com
I Heart Naptime

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk Pops

These unique chalk popsicles give kids a handle to hold onto while creating their masterpieces. They are also just so adorable!

DIY Chalk Popsicles
Project Nursery

DIY Sidewalk Chalk “Pops” via Project Nursery

Puffy Paint

Take sidewalk paint up a notch by making it puffy! This is such a cool effect that kids will absolutely love. Follow the link below to the instructions.

Puffy Sidewalk Paint
Midget Mamma

How to Make Puffy Sidewalk Paint via Midget Mamma

Easter Eggs

I can’t say I have ever seen chalk eggs and I am loving it! These would make a fabulous addition to a kid’s Easter basket.

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk in an egg carton

Homemade Easter Eggs Sidewalk Chalk Tutorial via The Suburban Mom

Chalk Games

There are so many fun activities that you can do with chalk. Below you’ll find some extra fun games that will be so much fun to play with friends.

Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss is a classic game that works great with chalk. Just draw the rings, give them each a number for points, and toss a bean bag!

Bean Bag Toss Chalk Game
Mostly Under Control

Bean Bag Toss via Mostly Under Control

Dots and Boxes

My siblings and I used to play this game all the time as kids. Dots and boxes is easy to learn and will keep your kiddos busy.

Dots and Boxes Chalk Game
Make and Takes

Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids: Dots and Boxes via Make and Takes

Silly Commands

I absolutely love this sidewalk chalk game! Simply put down a list of fun commands and invite the kids to do them.

Command Chalk Game
Matty Angel

Enjoy Life via Matty Angel

Chalk Maze

Mazes are always a blast. Whether your kiddo wants to send a truck or themselves through this chalk maze they will have a lot of fun!

Maze Chalk Game
Hands On As We Grow

A Big Chalk Maze for Preschoolers via Hands On As We Grow

Color Matching

This color-matching activity is great for kids who love a good scavenger hunt! Just create a couple of colorful boxes and invite the children to go and look for items that are the same color to place in the box.

Color Matching Chalk Game
Nurture Store

Outdoor Learning Color Matching Game via Nurture Store

Follow the Line

Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun! All you need for this game is a curvy line that your kiddo can follow.

Follow the Line Chalk Game
The Pinterested Parent

Follow the Line via The Pinterested Parent

Sight Word Twister

Sight word twister is a perfect game for improving vocabulary. This is one learning activity that kids will really love!

Sight Word Twister Chalk Game
Confidence Meets Parenting

Twister with Sight Words via Confidence Meets Parenting

Word Tracing

Instead of practicing spelling on boring paper, try doing it outside on the sidewalk! This paint word tracing game is definitely a winner.

Word Tracing Chalk Game
Mess for Less

Sidewalk Paint Word Tracing Game via Mess for Less

Chalk Design

Creating a chalk masterpiece is so much fun. Here is some inspiration to help you decide what you want to draw!

Surfs Up

Ready to catch some waves? This surfing chalk art is so much fun and the perfect backdrop for your little one. Definitely post this one!!

Surfing Chalk Art
Bored Panda

Adventure Chalk Art via Bored Panda

Under the Sea

Explore the ocean with this fabulous under-the-sea chalk art design. Bonus points if you dress up like little mermaid!

Under the Sea Chalk Art
Facebook/Stacy Lazzara

Under the Sea via Popsugar


Using chalk to create an entire town can be so much fun! You and your kiddos will have a blast thinking of various buildings to add to your town.

Chalk Art Town
B-Inspired Mama

A Giant Chalk Art Town via B-Inspired Mama

Baby and Stork

Photograph your little one in this adorable stork chalk backdrop. This is definitely a picture to go in the scrapbook!

Baby and Stork Chalk Art
Scrapbook Tendance

Baby and Stork via Scrapbook Tendance


This breathtaking chalk mosaic is so easy to make! Just tape off several sections and then fill each section with a color of your choice.

Mosaic Sidewalk Chalk Design
Down Redbud Drive

How to Make a Sidewalk Chalk Mosaic via Down Redbud Drive

Tropical Hammock

Creating a chalk design that can be interactive is so much fun! Simply help position your child so they look like they are enjoying a tropical day on the beach!

Hammock in Palm Trees Chalk Design
Burgh Baby

As The Sun Sets on the Summer via Burgh Baby

Diving Board

This diving board chalk art backdrop is just hilarious! It is so simple to draw and makes for a fun summer photo shoot.

Diving Board Chalk Art
Bored Panda

Chalk Art Adventures via Bored Panda

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