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Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Crafts for Kids…easy, fun, and festive crafts for kids of all ages. Fabulous ideas that will bring joy into your home this holiday season.

Easter Crafts for Kids

Easy Easter Kids’ Crafts

Easter is such a special time of the year. Not only do we get to celebrate the Savior of the world and His glorious resurrection, but we get to experience fun and beautiful traditions. From decorating colorful Easter eggs to discovering what the Easter Bunny brought to eating delicious Ham, Easter is definitely a wonderful occasion. And as with any holiday, doing crafts the weeks before can really enhance the spirit of Easter in your home.

Easter crafts are fun, cute, and full of color! Below I have compiled a list of 20 crafts that kids will absolutely love. All of these are affordable, don’t take a ton of time to finish, and would make a great activity for the entire family to do together. Just scroll down below to check out some of my favorite Easter crafts!

Peeps House

How cute is this?! Peeps are an iconic Easter treat and kids will have so much fun creating their very own house for their little marshmallow friend.

Peeps House- Easter Craft for Kids
It’s Always Autumn

Make a Cute Peeps House via It’s Always Autumn

B is for Bunny

Not only is this a darling Easter craft, but it is a great alphabet-learning activity for young children. I love the cotton balls on this one.

B is for Bunny- Easter Craft for Kids
The Simple Parent

Preschool Letter B Craft via The Simple Parent

Handprint Bunny Ears

These handprint bunny ears are just adorable. This is one craft that really any age can put together. Don’t forget the cute pipe cleaner whiskers!

Handprint Bunny Craft- Easy Easter Craft
Simple Everyday Mom

Handprint Bunny Craft for Kids via Simple Everyday Mom

Egg Carton Chicken Egg

Now here’s a creative craft for you! These chicken egg cartons are so much fun and look great. If you are serving boiled eggs to your guests, this would make a fabulous display!

Chicken Egg Cartons- Easy Easter Craft for Kids
Red Ted Art

Egg Carton Chicken Egg Cups via Red Ted Art

Egg Basket

I have never heard of painting with potatoes and I am loving it! This darling wicker egg basket looks like so much fun.

Potato Easter Egg painting- Easter Craft for Kids
The Best Ideas for Kids

Easter Paper Plate Basket via The Best Ideas for Kids

Bunny Footprint

While there are many craft options that use handprints there aren’t as many that utilize footprints and this one is just too cute! Click on the link below to create your own bunny footprint.

Bunny Footprint- Easter craft for Kids
Made with Happy

Easter Bunny Footprint Craft via Made with Happy

Tissue Paper Chick

Tissue paper is so much fun to use because it bleeds color so beautifully. This chick would look amazing hanging on the wall.

Bleeding Tissue Paper Easter Craft- Easy Easter Craft for Kids
Fantastic Fun and Learning

Bleeding Tissue Paper Art Chick Easter Craft via Fantastic Fun and Learning

Paper Plate Chick

Paper plates are so versatile when it comes to crafting! Here they make the perfect Easter chick body. Don’t forget the adorable googly eyes!

Paper Plate Handprint Craft- Easy Easter Craft for Kids
The Mad House

Paper Plate Hand Print Chick via The Mad House

Sponge Painted Egg Basket

Painting with sponges is a simple and beautiful way of making Easter eggs. This is a great piece of artwork to hang on the fridge this holiday season!

Sponge Painted Easter Craft for Kids
Buggy and Buddy

Sponge Painted Easter Egg Basket via Buggy and Buddy

Foam Easter Bunny House

Foam bunny houses are such a fun and unique craft. These remind me of fairy houses and kids will be so excited to decorate a bunny house!

Easter Bunny House Craft
Glued To My Crafts Blog

Craft Foam Egg Easter Bunny House via Glued to My Crafts Blog

Bunny Hat

Here’s a fun one! This bunny hat is made out of paper and can be customized so that the eggs can be any color the child would like.

Easter Bunny Hat Craft
Fun with Mama

Bunny Hat Easter Crafts for Kids via Fun with Mama

Bunny Scrape Art

Scrape painting is created by scraping the paint to create gorgeous art displays. These bunnies sure are statement pieces.

Process Art Scrape Painting Easter Bunny
Projects with Kids

Process Art Scrape Painting via Projects with Kids

Handprint Bunnies

Did you know that you could create an entire bunny out of your handprint? These are so simple to make and look amazing.

Handprint Bunnies
One Little Project

Handprint Bunnies via One Little Project

Easter Egg Crown

What child doesn’t like putting things on their heads and parading around the home?! This Easter Egg crown is definitely a winner.

Easter Egg Crown Craft
Alpha Mom

DIY Easter Egg Crowns via Alpha Mom

Cottonball Bunny

This is one fluffy bunny! The soft cotton balls here really bring this adorable bunny face to life. I also love the big eyes.

Cotton Ball Bunny Craft

Cottonball Bunny Craft via Mombrite

Egg Maracas

Create something musical with your child with this fabulous Easter egg maraca craft! Kids, toddlers especially, will love this one.

Egg Maracas
Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Easy Easter Egg Maracas via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Pipe Cleaner Bunny Ears

I absolutely love pipe cleaner crafts! These bunny ears are so easy and fast to make and trust me when I say that kids will love wearing these.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny Ears
Cutesy Crafts

Pipe Cleaner Bunny Ears via Cutesy Crafts

Easter Egg Sponge Painting

Painting with sponges is always a blast. These colorful easter eggs will make your home so festive and kids will love playing with the paint.

Easter Egg Sponge Painting
Messy Little Monster

Sponge Painting Easter Egg Crafts via Messy Little Monster

Bunny Puppet

What child doesn’t love to play with puppets?! These adorable bunny puppets are easy to make and kids will have so much fun creating them.

DIY Bunny Puppet- Easy Craft for Kids
Skip to my Lou

Bunny Puppet via Skip to My Lou

Cute Bunny Nose

These cute bunny noses are so much fun for kiddos to make because they are so interactive and look great in photo ops. This one is a winner!

Bunny Nose Masks- Easter Crafts for Kids
Kids Craft Room

Easy and Cute Bunny Nose Crafts via Kids Craft Room

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