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Candy Kabob

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Hello, fellow I Heart Naptime readers! I’m so excited to be here today because I too follow Jamielyn and her brilliant blog! My name is Jill and I blog over at Jaihart, which is a creative site sharing all different kinds of DIY projects!

Today I’m here to share a little piece of my son’s 3rd birthday party with you! He LOVES animals of all kinds (zoo animals, dinosaurs, farm animals, aquatic animals, etc…). So, we decided that the theme of the party had to be “Party Like An Animal”!

candy kabob favor
I love invitations that are interactive, so I knew that I needed to do something fun when making it. I decided to create a little pocket with the information about the party inside. I created a “cover”, printed it out and then sewed a piece of paper the exact same size to the back of the cover. I used string with the number 3 attached to the top of the card inside so people could pull out the invitation.
Here is a photo of the card that you pull out of the cover.
I used a grommet at the top for a little extra fun!
Photo corners hold the invitation to the bright green cardstock.
As I said before, my son LOVES zoo animals, so you can be sure that we go to the zoo every week! We get a newsletter from our local zoo and in it they mentioned they needed some items for the animals. We  thought my son’s party was the perfect opportunity to collect these items. Then when we go to the zoo he can bring the items for the animals!
My children LOVE gummy candy and anything on a stick, so when I was thinking about what to do as a fun favor, this immediately came to mind! The perfect combination of a stick and candy….

The Candy Kabob!

These were such a fun and easy treat to make!
Want to learn how to make some?
**A few tips: I divided the candy because that way I could see better what I had available. I would lay the candy on top of the stick at first to see what it would look like and then I would push the candy on the stick. I used pretzel stick cello bags and they worked really well.
                                         Jill is a wife and mother to two fun loving children. She is a stay at home mom, who is up for any DIY project! She enjoys her spare time blogging at Jaihart. I would LOVE for you stop by and say HI:)!
Have a SUPER FUN day!

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    1. Hi Natalie! I’m Jill, responsible for this guest post! I got them from a candy store by where I live.

  1. These are really cool ideas. You give me idea on what to give as a present. I like this picture pillow.

  2. These are so cute! And to think I was a click away from spending $150 on lego favors! So glad I found this. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Lauren! Somehow the printable got deleted and since this was several years ago I unfortunately do not have the printable. I’m sorry!