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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids…festive ideas to help bring the holiday cheer into your home this season. Simple instructions perfect for little hands.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Horizontal Collage

Kids Christmas Crafts

The holidays have got to be the best time of the year! There’s an added sense of excitement in the air and everyone seems to have a smile on their face. My favorite holiday traditions growing up were the endless crafts my mom always seemed to have ready for us. One craft in particular involved painting our very own clear bulbs and filling them with confetti. It was so much fun getting together as a family and creating something spectacular.

Christmas crafts come in all shapes and sizes. Some may involve careful steps while others may only consist of decorating a piece of paper. Regardless of which craft you do, the best crafts are done together as a family and involve many fun and unifying conversations. Below I composed a list of my favorite festive kids’ crafts. These are not difficult and require little preparation, making them a perfect addition to your holiday.

Paper Plate Santa

Paper plate Santa is a classic Christmas craft never disappoints. It is inexpensive, fun, and only requires a plate, paint, and cotton balls.

Paper Plate Santa
Arty Crafty Kids

Paper Plate Santa via Arty Crafty Kids

Gingerbread Man

I love this gingerbread man craft. Simply place some pre-cut gingerbread men on the table and let the kids decide how to decorate their own.

Gingerbread Man Collage Activity
Fun Learning for Kids

Gingerbread Man Collage Art Activity via Fun Learning for Kids

Lego Christmas Tree

A lego Christmas tree is perfect for all those lego loving kids out there! This is a great craft to do when it’s too cold to go outside.

Lego Christmas Tree Craft
Creative Green Living

Lego Christmas Tree Ornament via Creative Green Living

Handprint Wreath

Preserve your child’s cute little hand with this fabulous handprint wreath idea. Kids would love hanging these on their bedroom doors!

Handprint Wreath
The Best Ideas for Kids

Handprint Wreath via The Best Ideas for Kids

Dish Brush Wreath

This dish brush wreath definitely wins points for creativity and I know my toddler would love this! I love the addition of the darling gift bow.

Dish Brush Christmas Wreath
Crafty Morning

Dish Brush Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids via Crafty Morning

Olaf Pom Pom

Calling all Frozen lovers out there! These Olaf pom pom ornaments look so cute on a Christmas tree and your kiddos will be so thrilled to make one.

Olaf Frozen Pom Pom for Tree
Kids Activities.com

Olaf Frozen Pom Poms via Kids Activities.com

Popsicle Stick Snowflake

Popsicle stick snowflakes are so wonderful because even the littlest toddlers can help make one. These look so beautiful up on the Christmas tree.

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Craft
The Best Ideas for Kids

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments via The Best Ideas for Kids

Popcorn Snowman

If you and your kiddos want to do a craft that you can give to a neighbor then these popcorn snowmen are for you! Anyone would love to receive this!

Popcorn Snowman Gift

Popcorn Snowman Gift

Christmas Toilet Paper Rolls

I am continually surprised by just how much you can do with a toilet paper roll. These Christmas characters are so adorable and kids will love creating them!

Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
The Best Ideas for Kids

Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts via The Best Ideas for Kids

Baby Jesus in a Manger

Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by helping your kiddos make this darling baby Jesus in a manger. This is so simple and would make a great addition to any home decor.

Baby Jesus in a Manger Craft
Kids Craft Room

Baby Jesus in a Manger Craft via Kids Craft Room

Felt Christmas Tree

This felt Christmas tree is great for kids who love decorating with stickers. All you need for this is some felt and stuff to decorate with.

DIY Felt Tree Craft
Where’d My Sanity Go

Easy Felt Christmas Tree Craft via Where’d My Sanity Go

Puffy Paint Snowglobe

Snowglobes are an iconic symbol for winter and trust me when I say that kids will love using puffy paint to make their own paper globes.

Puffy snow painted snowglobe
Simple Everyday mom

Puffy Paint Snowglobe Craft via Simple Everyday Mom

Foam Cup Snowman

How cute are these foam-cup snowmen?! Your little ones will absolutely love choosing which color scarves and earmuffs to put on their cups.

Foam Cup Snowman
Crafts by Amanda

Foam Cup Snowman via Crafts by Amanda

Hot Chocolate Craft

Calling all hot chocolate lovers! These adorable mugs look so cute decorated with candy canes and marshmallows.

Hot Chocolate Craft
ABCdee Learning

Hot Chocolate Craft via ABCDee Learning

Reindeer Headband

Headbands are always a favorite among kids. These reindeer headbands are so festive and have the cutest red sparkly noses!

Reindeer Headband Craft
Simple Everyday Mom

Reindeer Headband Craft via Simple Everyday Mom

Paper Cup Christmas Tree

These paper cups have to be one of my favorite holiday crafts because it is so easy and looks fantastic. Toddlers will love sticking on the pom poms and shiny stars.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree
Fireflies & Mudpies

Paper Cup Christmas Tree via Fireflies & Mudpies

Reindeer Ornament

Here we have yet another darling reindeer craft! I am loving the pipe cleaner antlers and googly eyes. These clear bulbs are very affordable as well.

Reindeer Ornament
Reading Confetti

Reindeer Ornament via Reading Confetti

Footprint Stockings

I have never seen footprint stockings before and I must say I love the creativity! Your kids will have so much fun dipping their feet in paint and making their prints.

Footprint Christmas Stockings for Kids
Fun Handprint Art Blog

Footprint Stockings via Fun Handprint Art Blog

Fruit Loop Candy Canes

I definitely don’t need to convince you why kids would love these fruit loop candy canes. They are so adorable and yummy!

Fruit Loop Candy Cane Ornaments
Kelly’s Thoughts on Things

Fruit Loop Candy Cane Ornaments via Kelly’s Thoughts on Things

Handprint Reindeer Ornament

There are so many designs you can create with a handprint. These handprint reindeer are so creative and make wonderful ornaments.

Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft
Buggy and Buddy

Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament via Buggy and Buddy

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