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Cute Kids and Preschool Christmas Crafts

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It’s that most wonderful time of the year. Kids are excited, mom’s excited, heck — even the dog is excited. The trick with this time of the year is to channel that excitement into something productive instead of letting it manifest in squabbles and break downs. You know what I’m talking about. 🙂

One way that I adore spending some quality *positive* time with my kidlets during the holiday season s crafting. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite kids and preschool Christmas crafts that you and your little munchkins can do together as you impatiently wait for the big day!Kids Christmas Ideas Collage1

{ Kids and  Preschool Christmas Crafts }

Preschool Christmas Crafts16

Marshmallow snowmen 

Preschool Christmas Crafts1

Reindeer Mask from Kidspot

Preschool Christmas Crafts2

Ice Cream Snow Man from Craft Gossip

Preschool Christmas Crafts3

Pinecone Trees from The Wool Acorn

{I’d just use Pom Pom balls in lieu of the felted wool}

Preschool Christmas Crafts4

Snata Ornament via Lands’ End

Preschool Christmas Crafts5

Glue Snowman from Kaboose

 Preschool Christmas Crafts6

Christmas Card Garland from Martha Stewart

Preschool Christmas Crafts7

Cotton Ball Santa from All Kids Network

Preschool Christmas Crafts8

Hand print Tree from The Other White House

Preschool Christmas Crafts9

Reindeer Headband from Sassy Sites

Preschool Christmas Crafts10

Paper Plate Angels from Martha Stewart

Preschool Christmas Crafts11

Pom Pom Christmas Tree from All Kids Network

Preschool Christmas Crafts12

Felt Light Bulb Garland from Fave Crafts

Preschool Christmas Crafts14

Lunch Bag Scrap Book from Parents

Preschool Christmas Crafts15

Hand print Reindeer Ornaments from MommyGaGa

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  1. great ideas – Im def gonna try some of these with my little! thanks for sharing!! 🙂 blessings to you today friend!