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DIY marshmallow shooters

DIY marshmallow shooters -a fun kids craft for summer time!

These DIY marshmallow shooters are such a fun and easy activity for kids. They are easy to make and super inexpensive. I’m guessing you have most of the supplies at home. You could even use pom poms instead of marshmallows if you don’t want to find marshmallows hidden around the house. 😉

DIY marshmallow shooters -a fun kids craft for summer time!

I found this idea in the book “Smart School House Crafts for Kids” by Kelly Dixon of Smart School House. I just adore Kelly’s blog and her new book! You can find it on Amazon here. Kelly has tons of great ideas inside for crafts to do with kids year-round. I decided to try out these marshmallow shooters since I had all the supplies on hand and knew my kids would love them. Here’s what you’ll need to make them.

DIY marshmallow shooters -a fun kids craft for summer time!

Supplies needed:

  • balloons
  • scissors
  • rubber bands or tape
  • plastic cups (9 oz. size)
  • sharp knife/scissors (such as an X-ACTO knife or box cutter)
  • mini marshmallows

DIY marshmallow shooters -a fun kids craft for summer time!


  1. Cut the balloons in half. Discard the rounded end and tie the leftover piece in a knot.
  2. Use a knife or sharp scissors to make a hole in the bottom of each cup. It needs to be large enough for the marshmallow to rest in it when the cup is turned sideways.
  3. Slide the open end of the balloon over the bottom of the cup. Secure with a rubber band or tape.
  4. Place a mini marshmallow in the hole in the bottom of each cup.
  5. Use one hand to hold the cup and the other hand to pull back on the balloon tie. Launch away!

DIY marshmallow shooters -a fun kids craft for summer time!

Have fun!!

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  1. Best Bets. Marshmallows will stick to the carpet and floor in your house so keep the battles outside.
    Since the  weather is heating up.  It’s best to make sure when buying marshmallows it must be  fresh & non-sticky.  Check the package of marshmallows to see if it isn’t sticky together, if so do not buy it or if you buy it, you can try putting the sticky marshmallows in a bowl of flour or powdered sugar to refresh to non-sticky.  Therefore, lay the powdered sugar marshmallows on the wax paper to dry completely…. just saying. 😉

  2. What a fun activity for the summer! I will definitely be making these with the kids I work with!

  3. Hi Jamielyn, 
    This is a cute idea, although my kids are grown. I do still like keeping up with a few kids things. Surely they will make me a grand mother one day lolol. ALL of my friends already are. Some much younger than me:) Anyway, these would surely be adorable with the home made marshmallows that I buy from the Amish store near my home. Oh and I do follow I heart nap time but just found you today:) So happy for that although you’ll be seeing my name a lot at least for a while till I finish checking out your site and your pinterest page. Feel free to follow me back on Google+ @Kellie Butler @[email protected]. Thanks!!!! 

  4. I love this idea. I’m trawling the net at the moment to find some crafty ideas to do with the kids these holidays. My boys would love this!

    (Any excuse to eat marshmallows right??)