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Toddler Arts and Crafts

Toddler Art and Crafts…fun and easy ideas to try with your little ones. Great activities for fostering creativity and cognitive development.

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Toddler Art Projects

Although so worth it, parenting is hard work and it can be difficult to think of ideas for entertaining the kiddos all afternoon. Crafts are the perfect solution! First, they take time. There is preparation needed and steps to follow before completion. This is great for a long afternoon. Second, crafts foster creativity and cognitive development. Cutting, measuring, attaching, and decorating are all steps that take a lot of thought and concentration. Lastly, crafts are the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your children.

The trick with crafting is to find the right one for your child’s age. You don’t want them to feel overwhelmed. The following post has 20 ideas that are perfect for toddler aged children. These crafts are simple enough to understand yet complex enough to keep their engagement. Just scroll down below and click on the link of the picture you like to get instructions. Have fun crafting!

Rainbow Necklace

This rainbow necklace is absolutely amazing! I love the colorful fruit loops and fluffy marshmallows. Your toddler will love these.

Rainbow Threading Craft
Messy Little Monster

Rainbow Threading Craft via Messy Little Monster

Toilet Paper Roll Crab

Here’s a craft that can be easily transformed into a toy! Toddlers will adore this inexpensive and easy-to-make toilet paper roll crab.

Toilet Paper Roll Crab
Hunny I’m Home

Toilet Paper Roll Craft via Hunny I’m Home

Rainbow Art

Teach your child the colors of the rainbow with this cute coloring page! Trust me, they will love dipping their fingers in paint and smearing it around to create a masterpiece!

Rainbow coloring page with cotton ball clouds

Rainbow Coloring Page

Fire Breathing Dragon

This darling fire-breathing dragon is fairly simple to make and will have your kiddos lining up to try it out. I love the colorful flames.

Fire Breathing Dragon Craft
One Little Project

Fire Breathing Dragon Craft via One Little Project

Paper Plate Animals

These adorable paper plate farm animals are so easy to make! This is a great afternoon craft for your little ones to make and play with.

Paper Plate Farm Animals
Made to Be a Momma

Paper Plate Farm Animals via Made to be a Momma

Frozen Paint

Who knew freezing paint and water could create such a fun activity? Frozen paint takes a bit of preparation, but once it’s ready it is so much fun!

Frozen Watercolor Painting Craft
Busy Toddler

Frozen Paint Summer Activity via Busy Toddler

Macaroni Necklace

Macaroni necklaces are a classic when it comes to crafts for kids. Here are some necklaces that are actually pretty cute!

Macaroni Necklace Craft
Handmade Charolette

Modern Macaroni Necklaces via Handmade Charlotte

Nature Cards

Nature cards are the perfect way to encourage your little ones to spend more time playing outside. I love how creative and inexpensive this activity is!

Sticky Nature Cards
Craft Invaders

Sticky Nature Cards via Craft Invaders

Paper Towel Tie Dye

Creating Tie Dye using paper towels is so easy and can be made with just a couple of markers and some water! Kids will love seeing their own designs come to life.

Paper Towel Tie Dye
Hands On As We Grow

Paper Towel Tie Dye Art via Hands On As We Grow


Would you believe it if I told you all you need to make oobleck is water and cornstarch! This fabulously gooey invention is so much fun to play with.

oobleck in hands


Hot Air Balloon

Here’s one craft that kids can really get creative with. These cute hot air balloons are easy to make and fun to display!

Hot Air Balloon Paper Plate Craft
Preschool Inspirations

Hot Air Balloon Art Activity via Preschool Inspirations

Paper Towel Water Color

Painting on paper towels is so much fun because of how much the color spreads. This is perfect for toddlers because they don’t have to do much to make it look pretty.

Paper Towel Water Color Painting Craft
Gift of Curiosity

Water Color Painting on Paper Towels via Gift of Curiosity

Citrus Printing

Why not avoid the mess of finger painting and use fruit! This fabulous citrus art is a great and easy activity for little ones.

Citrus Printing Art
Rhythms of Play

Citrus Printing Process Art via Rhythms of Play

Dinosaur Feet

Did you know that you can create adorable dinosaur feet with a little cardboard? These stompers are sure to create hours of fun for your kiddo.

Dinosaur Feet Craft
Red Ted Art

Easy Cardboard Dinosaur Feet via Red Ted Art

Edible Paint

Create edible paint by mixing some food coloring into yogurt. This is a great way for kids to get creative without the worry of them eating anything toxic. This is also great for babies!

Edible Painting Craft
Tales of a Messy Mom

Edible Painting for Babies and Toddlers via Tales of a Messy Mom

Nature Hunt

Toddlers love exploring the outdoors and bringing back treasures they find. This nature heart is the perfect craft to display those special treasures.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Heart Craft
Learning and Exploring Through Play

Nature Hunt Cardboard Hearts via Learning and Exploring Through Play

Popsicle Stick Boat

This popsicle stick boat is perfect for summer. Kids will have so much fun dropping it into buckets of water and streams to watch it float.

Popsicle Stick Boat Craft
Hunny I’m Home

Floating Popsicle Stick Boat Craft for Kids via Hunny I’m Home

Sidewalk Chalk

Teaching your kiddo how to make their own sidewalk chalk can be so much fun! This activity can take the entire afternoon if you factor in playing with the finished product.

homemade sidewalk chalk
I Heart Naptime

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Activity Sheets

These watercolor preschool activity sheets are educational and tons of fun. Your little ones will love painting and coloring in the bubbles and shapes.

Watercolor Preschool Activity Sheets on www.iheartnaptime.com #preschool #freeprintables

Watercolor Preschool Activity Sheets

Unicorn Finger Puppet

This unicorn finger puppet is so clever and cute! Kids will love imaging that their little fingers are the unicorn’s magical legs and feet.

Unicorn Finger Puppet Craft
Art Craft And Fun

Finger Puppet Unicorn Craft via Art Craft And Fun

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