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Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids

These tissue paper crafts prove that upcycling and using what you have at home is the perfect way to be creative! All of these DIY tissue paper crafts are perfect for kids of all ages and creativity!

Tissue Paper Craft Horizontal Collage

Easy Tissue Paper Crafts

Let’s just all agree that crafting with the kids is a lot of fun. Sitting at the craft table and talking about your day while making something unique and adorable is all part of the process.

Being able to show the kids that crafting doesn’t have to be complicated truly is the icing on the cake! All of the following crafts are fun for various holidays, seasons, and times of the year.

As all parents know, once the kids find a craft that they love and look forward to, they’re going to want to do that craft (or a similar craft) over and over again. That just means that they’ll be spending more time crafting, less time wanting to be on screens, and you’ll be able to showcase their artwork and creations all over the house.  

Tips for Making Tissue Paper Crafts

  • Let the creativity flow – Many times, people think about flowers or shapes when they imagine creating with tissue paper. The truth? There are so many cool things that can be made! (and you’re going to see some great examples below!)
  • Involve the kids in the process – The more that you involve them in choosing the craft to start with and choosing the colors of tissue paper, the more that they’re going to be excited about being a part of it!

What is the best glue to use on tissue paper?

It’s important to use the right glue on tissue paper, or there’s a chance that the entire craft may end up falling apart.   White glue (Elmer’s glue) is going to be the best! It is thick enough to hold everything together and dries clear so that it can’t be seen.  

What glue will not wrinkle paper?

If you’re working on a tissue paper craft that can’t be wrinkled, you may need to use rubber cement as your “glue” of choice.  

Can you use hot glue on tissue paper?

Since hot glue is really hot and really sticky, it’s advisable to use it on tissue paper in VERY small quantities. Be careful with it as it spreads quickly, and a lot of it can make the tissue paper messy fast.   Are you excited and ready to see some of the best tissue paper crafts? These options will get everyone in the house excited and ready to create!  

Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids

Lady Bug

This lady bag craft is perfect for spring and summer fun! This is a great way to have the kids create an insect that they’ll love to have in the house.

Tissue Paper Lady Bug Craft

Tissue Paper Lady Bug via iHeartCraftyThings

Ice Cream Cone Flowers

Talk about the perfect way to create a bouquet of flowers to give as a gift! These flowers will literally live forever—an excellent gift idea for Mother’s Day.

Tissue Paper Ice Cream Flowers Craft
Hello, Wonderful

Ice Cream Cone Flowers via Hello, Wonderful

Hanging Flowers

Using tissue paper flowers is a great way to decorate for a party or to have some really cool and unique room décor.

Tissue Paper Hanging Flowers
I Heart Naptime

Tissue Paper Flowers


This craft is going to “bee” so much fun for the kids! Pair it up with a fun book or an outside picnic for the day.

Tissue Paper Bee Craft

Tissue Paper Bee via iHeartCraftyThings

Lucky Shamrock

Everyone needs a little bit of luck, and this shamrock just might do the trick! Easy to do and a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Lucky Shamrock Tissue Paper Craft

Lucky Shamrock via Typically Simple


Use this flag craft for patriotic fun or a great way to have the kids make their very own mini flag easily at home.

Tissue Paper Flag Stick Craft
Stockpiling Moms

Tissue Paper Craft Stick Flag via Stockpiling Moms

Spring Fringe Flowers

I LOVE the look of these flowers and all the bright and fun colors. Let the kids choose their favorite colors of tissue paper to get started.

Spring Fringe Tissue Paper Flower Craft
hello, Wonderful

Spring Fringe Flowers via hello, Wonderful

Dyed Easter Eggs

This is such a cool way to dye Easter eggs! Forget about making a mess this year and hoping that the colors show up on the eggs and do this foolproof method instead!

Tissue Paper Dyed Easter Eggs

Tissue Paper Dyed Easter Eggs via Conservamom


You know that fall is right around the corner, and all things pumpkin are on their way! This tissue pumpkin craft is perfection and so much fun for the kids to make their very own giant pumpkin.

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Craft

Tissue Paper Pumpkin via Arty Crafty Kids

Fall Tree

Use this fall tree tissue paper craft as a way to talk about all the beautiful leaves and fall colors. It’s a great time of the year to get out and about and look at the fall trees in real life as well.

Tissue Paper Fall Tree Craft

Fall Tree Craft via iHeartCraftyThings

Safari Animals

Take the kids on a safari with this fun safari craft! Let them pick their very own safari animal to make!  

Free Kids Crafts

Safari Animals from Tissue Paper via Free Kids Crafts


Hanging tissue butterflies in the window is a great way to add happiness and colors to the rooms of the house.

Butterfly Craft


Give the snails some credit! They may be slow in real life, but this craft is quick and easy to do!

Tissue Paper Snail Craft
Fireflies & Mud Pies

Tissue Paper Snail via Fireflies & Mud Pies

Polar Bear

Calling all polar bear fans! This is a cute way to make a polar bear with minimal time and effort. Fun for winter crafting.

Polar Bear Tissue Paper Craft
Simple Everyday Mom

Polar Bear Tissue Paper Craft via Simple Everyday Mom

Puffy Butterfly

The look of this butterfly is really cool and unique. It’s almost 3-D in how the puffiness stands out from the rest of the butterfly body.

Puffy Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft
Crafts by Amanda

Puffy Paper Butterfly via Crafts by Amanda


Tulips are such beautiful flowers, and being able to make tulips out of paper means that you and the kids can have lovely tulips in the house year-round!

Tissue Paper Tulip Craft

Tissue Paper Tulip via iHeartCraftyThings

Fish Template

Who knew that tissue paper made beautiful stained glass replicas! This fish craft proves just that!

Fish Template Tissue Paper Craft
All Kids Network

Stained Glass Fish via All Kids Network

Carrot Cascarone

Are you looking for some really cool decorations for spring and Easter? Check out this cute carrot craft!

Carrot Cascarones
I Heart Naptime

Carrot Cascarones

As you can see, there are so many tissue crafts that you and the kids can do! Get ready to be creative -and have fun! You’ll be working your way down this list of crafts made with tissue paper in no time at all!

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