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20 Excellent Uses for Washi Tape

20 Excellent Uses for Washi Tape...unique ideas for using washi tape to beautify your home. Tips, tricks, and craft ideas that you don’t want to miss!

Creative Uses for Washi Tape

Washi Tape is such an amazing invention. Unlike normal tape, it’s fun and colorful making it perfect for brightening up any space and creating the most beautiful crafts. This decorative tape can be used for many things including scrapbooking, art projects, interior design, gift wrapping and so much more! You are definitely gonna want to keep some washi tape on hand.

You can purchase washi tape in all craft stores and at Amazon, Cute Tape, Etsy, and Target. Once you have a roll of this fabulous tape the possibilities are endless! Below I have included 20 excellent uses for washi tape for inspiration. Simply click on the link below each picture for additional details. Have fun!

Cactus Wall Art

Looking for an idea on how to spice up your room a bit? This cactus wall art is so fun and all you need green washi tape and something to use for cactus fruit!

Studio DIY!

DIY Washi Tape Cactus Wall Art via Studio DIY

Lamp Shade

Turn a plain white lampshade into something fabulous by using a couple of strips of washi tape. This is such a great idea!

Finding Home Farms

Washi Tape Crafts: Lamp & Shelf via Finding Home Farms

DIY Striped Doorway

I am loving this original wash tape striped doorway. It adds so much to this space and actually looks like someone painted the wall!

A Beautiful Mess

DIY Striped Doorway…With Washi Tape! via A Beautiful Mess

Light Switch Cover

Decorating light switch covers is such a fun activity to do with kids. Simply apply washi tape and then brush mod podge over the top!

Skip to my Lou

Washi Tape Light Switch Covers via Skip to my Lou

Wall House Storage

Create a wall house in your child’s room by applying washi tape to the wall in the shape of a house and adding shelves for windows and doors. So fun!

Marie Claire

Children’s Room: Storage in the Shape of a House via Marie Claire

Bedroom Wall

This bedroom wall is fabulous. Why spend hours painted when you can just apply strips of washi tape to the wall! Yes, yes, yes!

Anne Kelle

My Washi Wall

Car Track

Washi tape can also be used on the floor to create a fun play space for kids. This car track has transformed this room into a child’s paradise!

Le Jardin de Juliette

Washi Tape Car Track via Le Jardin de Juliette

Wooden Bracelets

Feeling crafty? Washi tape can also be used to create beautiful masterpieces such as this DIY wooden bracelet. This would be a fun activity to do at a birthday party!

Mama Miss

DIY Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets via Mama Miss

Guest Book

Using wash tape in a guest book is a simple way to add some characters to blank pages. The different lengths of tape look amazing here!

Martha Stewart

Washi Tape Guest Book via Martha Stewart

Kitchen Utensils

Wooden spoons are always a great gift, but they definitely lack in the color department. Adding washi tape to the ends will brighten them up, making them look amazing!

Mom Foodie

Washi Tape Kitchen Utensils: Easy Homemade Gift via Mom Foodie

Butterfly Craft

I am loving this adorable butterfly craft! The washi tape makes the wings so vibrant and beautiful. For extra fun try using string and tape to hang them from the ceiling!


Butterfly Washi Tape Craft for Kids via Artsy Momma


Creating and decorating bookmarks is another fantastic activity to do with kids. They will have so much fun customizing their own creation!

Real Life at Home

Washi Tape DIY Bookmarks for Kids via Real Life at Home


Using washi tape to decorate ornaments is so clever! It’s not messy and it looks amazing. This is make a wonderful family craft during the holidays.

Bellewood Cottage

Washi Tape Ornaments via Bellewood Cottage

Wall Collage

Brighten up your room with a washi tape wall collage. This is a great and inexpensive way to frame photos, especially if you want to do a collage.

100 Layer Cake

Washi Tape Wall Collage via 100 Layer Cake


How cute are these washi tape flowers! If you are feeling creative you can flower pen! That would make a fabulous teacher appreciation gift.

DIY Candy

Washi Tape Flowers via DIY Candy

Gift Wrap

Using washi tape to dress brown packaged is genius! This is definitely something I will try. The tape looks like a ribbon and you don’t have to worry about tying a bow!

Bellewood Cottage

Gift Wrap with Washi Tape via Bellewood Cottage

Home State Wall Art

This home state wall art is so cool. You can create any state you like with whatever washi tape design you have. This is definitely a statement piece.

Bellewood Cottage

Home State Washi Tape Wall Art via Bellewood Cottage

Clothespin & Lunch Bag

Send your child to school with style by simply adding some washi tape to their lunch bag and a clothespin. This will tape you 5 minutes to do and kids will love it!

Washi tape lunch bag ...quick and easy way to add personality! #backtoschool

Washi Tape Clothespins and Lunch Bag

Advent Calender Wreath

Use some festive holiday washi tape to create your own personalized advent calender wreath. This idea is just so amazing, love it!


Festive Advent Calendar Wreath Craft via kidsactivities.com

Mini Pallet Coasters

These DIY mini pallet coasters are so adorable and inexpensive to put together. I love that you can choose whatever washi tape design you want!

Chica Circle

Washi Tape Mini Pallet Coasters DIY via Chica Circle

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  1. Hi…I love Washi tape too but can’t get it to stick very well…???It may be the climate here (New Mexico) or do you have a secret? Thanks! Loved the ideas!

  2. I have always loved following your site! You have inspired me to create my own blog! I just put Washi tape on my planner and love it!!!

  3. um…. GENIUS!! All of the ideas! Thank you for sharing!! I work in a school, different washi prints for each teacher to mark their brushes, pens, chargers is another great use! 

  4. So many creative washi tape ideas especially the business cards… unique! Michaelann, some washi tapes don’t stick very well especially the end parts. So far mt tape is pretty good in terms of quality and stickiness. Although I’ve yet to try, I read that mod podge/gel medium can help. If you have, maybe you can give it a try. Hope this helps 🙂