10 awesome unpacking tips

As most of you know, my family has recently moved across the country (from AZ to OH). Who knew it would be so much work?! Woo! We are finally down to the last couple boxes and it feels GREAT!

Here are some unpacking tips I have found helpful for your next big move. If you have organized your move with a moving check list and used my moving tips, your job of unpacking will be much easier. If every thing is labeled and in the correct room, you are already off to a great start. It may be a good idea to quickly run through each room though before you start unpacking to make sure each box is in the right room.

10 awesome unpacking tips on

10 unpacking tips


1. Clean before you start unpacking. Make sure each room and closet has been cleaned and sanitized before putting your stuff away. It may look clean… but wait until you pull out the drawers. Eek! It will feel refreshing to know it is clean, I promise! You may even consider hiring a cleaning company to come in and clean before hand if it is really bad.

2. Open the “me-first” box and set up the beds first. Remember to take it one box at a time and make sure everything has a place.

3. If possible dedicate 1-3 days after moving in so you have time to unpack. It feels nice to get everything unpacked in the first couple of weeks.

4. Delegate helpers to unpack a room if you have help. Here’s the rooms I unpacked first and it seemed to work out well.

  • Bedrooms and closets
  • Main bathroom
  • Kitchen/pantry
  • Laundry room
  • Living room
  • Play room
  • Office
  • Garage/basement/other rooms

I almost put my kitchen first on the list, but you have to go to the bathroom and sleep. You just have to! 😉 Having the kitchen unpacked, and in clean working order has always saved my sanity. It’s nice to have one clean and organized space when moving into a new home. Find what works for you. 🙂

5. Keep the kids entertained while you unpack. Give them some crayons and let them draw pictures on the boxes. It may be fun to buy them a new toy as well or let them just explore the new house.

6. Get your house in order before setting up the computers and TV. As tempting as it may be, open the boxes first and then it will be so nice to sit and relax.

7. Get the empty boxes out of the way. As you start unpacking the boxes will start piling up. Take a few loads to the recycling bin, or better yet, list them on Craiglist for someone else to use.

8. Reorganize as you go. As you get into a daily routine you will find yourself moving things around to wear they best fit.

9. Add your own style. Obviously decorating a home won’t happen over night, but it’s fun to start adding your own style to make it feel like home. A few easy ways to do this from the get go, is to add colorful curtains, rugs and pillows.

10. Turn of some music, invite your friends or family over and most importantly have fun! Moving is definitely an adventure! 😀

So… what’s the first thing you unpack after a move?


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Great Ideas….I’ll have to remember that if I move again. If I can ask, what part of Ohio? I’m from PA. 🙂

We move every 5 years or so very long distanced. The moving companies that are hired for us don’t seem to focus on ‘organized’ packing. I have learned to first seek out towels and sheets. Nothing feels as good as a shower after a day of cleaning/unpacking and a good night’s sleep in your own bed is a must!!

If the move is local, try to do your kitchen a day or two before the big moving day. Eat out and use paper products for the last day. 

The first time I read your blog it’s about how to pack things properly if you’re moving, and now you’re giving us another helpful tips on how to unpack things properly. Great job and I really enjoyed reading your blog.

Great post! Interesting and extremely helpful. Let me add a safety tip for moving when you have kids: Keep handbags, laptops, telephones, passports, jewelry and other small valuables together and move them in your own car. Also keep a box with power cables, extension cables, router for internet connection and a couple of table lights with you. The tool box should be around you as well. Kids are curious and love testing out things. They don’t know danger. ~
Richmond Upon Thames Man And Van Ltd.

I unpack the toilet paper first! 😉 And I set up the shower with a curtain, shampoo, and towel, set up the trash can with a liner, and unpack my scissors for cutting all that tape open on my boxes. Sticking a water pitcher in the fridge with some cups close by is a lifesaver. If you’ve got snacks put them by your cups or in the fridge too. Those are all to keep me and mine comfortable during the process. Moving is awful enough without being hangry or thirsty​ or too tired to hunt for sheets and pillows let alone a shower curtain so you can go to sleep feeling clean. 🙂

I am st a total loss as to how to down size a 12 room home, with 50 years of “things”
6 thousand sweet feet. Into s 6 room villa!
I’m overwhelmed as to what to do first. 
I have so many craft supplies, I could fill up one room. 

I haven’t moved much in my life, let alone my adult life. I am preparing to move soon though and reading all kinds of tips. One of my personal favorites is packing a first day essentials bin. Put things you’ll need immediately and don’t want to unpack multiple boxes for. Toiletries, paper plates/cups, snacks, drinks, cleaning wipes, etc.

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