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15 Awesome Teacher Gift Ideas!

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As a teacher for multiple years, I was on the receiving end of many lovely and wonderful gifts for various occasions and as a momma now who is experiencing giving gifts to teachers for the first time, I wanted to make sure that I give gifts to my kids’ teachers that they will love and enjoy for years to come.
Please let me preface this post with a disclaimer so I don’t have people throwing rocks in my general direction: all teachers {or at least the good ones} will appreciate *any and all* gifts sent their direction. I can tell you from personal experience that I certainly did not go into the profession to expect gifts from my students and their families and every single present that was sent my direction was received with lots of love and appreciation. I promise.
But here’s the thing: one person can have only so many coffee mugs and apple-related decor items. {Don’t throw rocks now please!} I know that parents and kids think that those are an awesome gift idea to give your favorite teacher {and they are}, but why not change things up a bit? Some of my most favorite gifts were those that were more personal to me, rather than the general “teacher-y” gifts. Dig deep and think about what you know about your child’s teacher or have your kidlet so some undercover work.Awesome Teacher Gifts on I Heart Nap Time
I’ve rounded up 15 teacher gift ideas that would have been stand-outs to me {let me beat a dead horse now and say ALL gifts are appreciated and cherished}. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

15 Awesome Teacher Gift Ideas!

One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift with FREE printable on www.iheartnaptime.com

One smart cookie gift idea 

Free printable ice cream gift idea

Ice cream printable

buttons bookmarks

Button bookmarks

Quenching Your Thirst from Lisa Storms

teacher gift idea

Free download from Eighteen 25

Chalkboard Mug from Hi Sugarplum!

Ruffled Bookmark from Funky Polka Dot Giraffe

pop tags

Pop tags from Darling Doodles

Two Toned Tote from Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night 


brown sugar scrub

Puppy Pillow from TaylorMade

Pencil Bouquet from Less Cake {More Frosting}

Colored Chalkboard from Michaels

DIY Brag Boards from Shanty 2 Chic


Cookie Cup from eighteen25

Note Card Set

Letterpress Notecard Set from Sweet Rose Studio

 Book Bags

DIY Book Bags from City House Studio

Painted Glass Vases from Little Gray Fox

Little zippered pouch

I love this gift for Teachers Appreciation week!

Teachers are treasures free downloads

So what do you think? Great ideas, right?

As always, I have lots more inspiration on my Pinterest, especially the Teacher Teacher board! I’d love for you to stop by and follow! -Katie

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  1. As a teacher myself for several years, I will be less diplomatic and say that some gifts I have received from students were similar to gifts you get as a kid from a great aunt who doesn’t really know what’s age appropriate or what your interests are. These are all great ideas!

  2. I think a few of these would be great ideas for teachers…I wouldn’t mind getting one or two of them (I teach 5th grade), but most of them are cutesy, and not really for a male teacher, you know?
    A case of Dr. Pepper would always be appreciated though.
    In fact, I wrote a similar post, but mine is more geared to the dos and don’ts. I won’t post a link to it, but I will say that I’m glad you wrote something about gifts because sometimes the cheap candy or knick-knacks just don’t quite cut it, you know?

    1. I think it’s the thought that counts especially when it’s a child giving you a gift. If you get one that does not “cut it” then perhaps that family can’t afford one that does…or maybe it means something else…. I’m giving homemade gifts this year (one that the kids can help with). I think going too extravagant looks like you’re looking for favors.

  3. Such cute ideas! I love the printables 🙂 thank you for including my painted vases!

  4. On the recent posts page (this is on page 3) there is a picture of what looks like an ice cream kit or gift box. Do you know where that post is? I’d love to find it!

  5. These are great ideas. You might like this adorable felt apple brooch that’s so easy even a child could make on in one evening:

  6. these are cool, but i still need more! Want totally unique homemade teacher gifts! Still can’t find!

  7. The caramel apple gets my vote. A nice twist on a old standard. That and the fact that I can’t resist caramel.

  8. As a teacher, most of those gifts look really great, but I have to say……NO MORE MUGS, please!!! Not even cute ones with chalkboard paint on them. 🙂

  9. I like your ‘modern-simple-minimalist’ blog’s tone and layout. And of course the ideas ! Specially the DIY Book Bags, very much inspiring !

  10. Really I just liked the tumblers, the strawberry bath stuff in the coordinating basket, and the caramel apple, but those are really great ideas!

  11. Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas. I truly appreciate my kids teachers and would like to get them something that will be useful. I will be picking from these this year. I was thinking a gift card but wanted something a little more personal and these are perfect. Thank you again.

  12. Wow, those are some beautiful gifts! Must be some very crafty parents out there; I don’t think I ever received anything so lovely but always enjoyed it when kids put some time in to saying thank you.

  13. Love the ideas. My mom is a teacher and I remember her bringing home gifts from kids and really having no use for them, but these gifts are all practical and cute too.

  14. When my daughter graduated from her daycare, I had four teachers to thank. That can get expensive pretty fast. So, I bought some small (4×6) picture frames and put gift certificates for David’s Tea in the frames. The director thanked me for hers, but the teachers didn’t acknowledge my gifts. To any teachers reading this, even if you really hate the gift, please send a “thanks”.

  15. Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas, I have 8 teacher to give to and the apple caramel dip looks very cute!!!!

  16. Some of these are really cute:) Teachers get too many candles and mugs to be useful. Gift certificates even in the smallest amounts to a coffee shop or local deli are always much appreciated:)

  17. As a parent I have included Thank You cards with teacher gifts. The teachers loved the Thank You cards! 🙂

  18. Hello,
    I let you discover luidiremerci.com for your gifts. A very nice selection of brands that will make unforgettable gifts.

  19. This website has really helped me!I had a shot at the pencil boutique,my teacher loved it.I think she would like love hearts in a chain to hang on her computer
    or some cute bookmarks would look really cute!:)

  20. Many thanks of these wonderful ideas, I’ve 2 teacher to offer to and also i love the idea about the caramel apple gift. its looks very cute.

  21. We made a donation to Roots Ethiopia in honor of our 3 girls’ teachers. A $40 donation will purchase a chalkboard for a classroom in Ethiopia! Our daughters are adopted from Ethiopia. As a former teacher I can tell you that a donation such as this has so much more meaning than yet another item to set on a desk.

  22. great ideas, I’m sure easily identifiable on the local mom b.s.t like the teacher for one of my children did.  5.00 was all my gift was worth.  Now they all get potted lavender.  

  23. As an administrator I do not receive many gifts – that is not much different than it was when I was a high school teacher.  High school teachers do not receive the gifts that teachers of lower grades receive.  With that said, I always loved the gifts that I knew came from the heart of my students.  The Christmas ornaments (with a note of appreciation attached), personalized doo-dads, anything that was related to science (what I taught) – those were always my favorites.  

  24. Love these Book Bags! As a teacher myself, I love gift cards. Very simple and time-saving for those “busy parents”, can’t go wrong! I also love anything personal and original, doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve received many gifts throughout my career and finally decided to create my own collection of funny teacher gifts.

  25. Really very nice Ideas here!!!
    Chalkboard Mug ,Chalkboard Mug and Quenching Your Thirst are the best one…as these are something unique…teacher would love to receive such gifts from their students as it would also reflect the creativity of child if The student gift them some hand made gift.

  26. Wow, All ideas are very nice and creative! Teachers will love these gifts from their students. Thanks for sharing such an amazing blog.

  27. Mothers are Gift From God….I has some ideas of my own to gift my mom on her birthday but I also love those Painted Glass Vases,halkboard Mug ,Chalkboard Mug ,Quenching Your Thirst and zip pouch shown in the article.

  28. I don’t remember if I ever received anything so lovely gifts.Must be some very crafty parents out there.Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas.

    1. The cookie in a jar, ice cream gift card, chips & dew, apple & caramel, soda pop, and teacher are treasures ones would be great for a boy or girl teacher. 🙂