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15 Handmade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

15 handmade Father’s Day gift ideas perfect for showing the father figures in your life your love and appreciation!

collage of homemade father's day gifts

Father’s Day is a special time to show dads just how much they are loved and appreciated! Being a dad is often filled with long and hard days and this special day is the perfect opportunity to say thank you for taking on the responsibility of Fatherhood!

But let’s be real, choosing the perfect gift can be a struggle. Figuring out how to make Father’s Day special for loved ones can be extremely difficult. Below are some wonderful handmade ideas that would put a smile on any Father’s face!

DIY Father’s Day Gifts

These gift ideas are not only fun, unique, and clever but they are also inexpensive and so simple to put together. The kids will love helping to make them!

Toolbox Coupon Book

Coupon books always make amazing gifts for hardworking Fathers. Kids will have a blast thinking of ways they can serve their dad while creating this fun toolbox coupon book!

I Heart Naptime

Father’s Day Coupon Book {FREE Printable}

DIY Father’s Day Tie

A DIY tie is the perfect twist on a classic Father’s Day gift! So get out the paint and get creative!

I Heart Naptime

Father’s Day Tie

Root Beer Float Kit

Root beer floats are a delicious and fun way to celebrate the big day! Simply download the FREE printable labels and wrap them around the root beer bottles and you’ve got yourself a great gift!

I Heart Naptime

Root Beer Float Kit and FREE Printable Labels

Handprint Grill Apron

This creative apron is a wonderful gift for dads who love grilling! The handprint flames add just the right amount of creativity and love.

That’s What Che Said

Handprint Grill Apron via That’s What Che Said

DIY Jerky Basket

Ever wonder what paradise looks like for a beef jerky loving dad? You are looking at it! This delicious basket is sure to be a hit!

Down Redbud Drive

DIY Father’s Day Jerky Baskets via Down Redbud Drive

DIY Candy Tackle Box

Ok how darling is this?! This creative candy tackle box is fun to put together and perfect for dads who love both fishing and gummy treats.

Sunny Sweet Days

DIY Candy Tackle Box via Sunny Sweet Days

Baseball Glove Pop-Up Card

Got a dad that loves sports? This pop-up photo card is unique, personalized, and simple to put together making it the perfect gift!

The Soccer Mom Blog

Baseball Glove Photo Pop-Up Father’s Day Card via The Soccer Mom Blog

Dad’s Stache Jar

Fathers will absolutely love receiving a jar full of their favorite candies to dip into over the next week or so. And bonus points for this clever mustache handout!

Oh My Creative

Dad’s Stache Jar Gift with Free Printable via Oh My Creative

DIY Golf Gift

Customized golf balls is a great idea for a dad who loves playing golf. Kids will have so much fun creating masterpieces for their fathers and dads will be surprised at the uniqueness of the gift!

Productive Pete

DIY Golf Gift Idea via Productive Pete

Paper Bag Father’s Day Book

Looking to spend some quality time creating the perfect gift? This paper bag book is a great way to show the father figures in your life just how much you admire and appreciate them!


Paper Bag DIY Father’s Day Book via iHeartCraftyThings

Pencil Cup

This stylish pencil cup is perfect for placing on an office desk for all to see! It’s simple to put together and kids will have fun adding decoration to this wonderfully useful gift.

Chica Circle

Father’s Day Pencil Cup via Chica Circle

Creative Card

You can’t beat a homemade Father’s Day card and this rocket ship card is just so much fun! The creative colors, shapes, and textures make this card a winner!

Non-Toy Gifts

DIY Father’s Day Card via Non-Toy Gifts

Gift Basket

Gift baskets are great gifts because they are so customizable! Simply throw together your dad’s, husband’s, grandfather’s favorite things and you’ve got a wonderful gift! Passion for savings gives some great examples below.

passion for savings

Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas via passion for savings

Room Service Menu

Give dad a relaxing start to his special day with breakfast in Bed! These FREE printable Room Service templates are simple and so much fun.

Moms & Munchkins

Staycation Room Service with FREE Printable via Moms & Munchkins

More DIY Gifts for Dad:

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  1. Thanks for including my iDad card – that was really nice of you! Great round-up – I especially love that tie cookie.

  2. I just got my photo canvas in the mail from Canvas People. 16×20″ photo canvas. I got a sweet deal on it (under $40 SHIPPED!!!) . This thing is SWEET, but my hubby opened it before I got home (it’s ok, he doesn’t know it’s for his office).
    I’m also going to make a cute little 4×6 photo album cover from some of our son’s artwork (embroidery/reverse applique – looks and sounds complicated, but it really is super simple to do). Want to see? Check out my mother’s day post of previous designs (oh, should I consider them my SON’s designs? Well, whatever…) here: http://cadamscreations.blogspot.com/2011/05/reverse-applique-for-mothers-day.html
    🙂 Caren

    1. Oh awesome! I should have ordered one of those for fathers day. Maybe it’s not to late! 🙂 That is such a cute idea, I just checked it out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! There is definitely a lot of creative people. So much inspiration in blog land.

    1. Great Post! If you are unsure what kind of gifts to get then you can check out some online gift stores. There is one store that I found that has a whole bunch of unique gift items, electronics, gadgets, keychains, and other interesting items. I bought a few things from them and the people I gave it to like it a lot. I even bought some for myself since some of the stuff is so fun to play with. The stuff there is pretty cheap. They also have free shipping and they deliver fast. You can visit this store at http://www.thinkfuntoys.com

  3. What a wonderful site you have here! Thank you for sharing the HappyHourMom Father’s Day Coupon books, because of it we were able to see all of these other fabulous Father’sDay ideas! It looks like there are a whole lot of mommies our there with fabulous ideas for the dads in their lives! Aren’t they so blessed to have us ladies? ; ) Lol.

  4. thank you so much for helping with these great ideas! i know exactly what to do for my father for christmas! thanks again!