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16 Household Tips to Make Life Easier

16 Household Tips to Make Life Easier..clever ideas that will take the stress out of your day. Easy and affordable hacks that you will love!

16 Household Tips to Make Life Easier Horizontal Collage

Handy Household Tricks

Life is a never-ending adventure, especially when it comes to what goes on inside the home. Running a household has to be just about the hardest and most fulfilling job out there! I’m talking about preparing meals, cleaning, and organizing each and every day. It can be a lot! Thankfully, there are incredibly handy tips and tricks that really do make life so much easier. And with all of the chaos that can happen around the house, these tips will be a lifesaver!

Scroll down to find 20 fantastic household tips that will leave you feeling a lot less stressed. These tricks cover everything from how to store food to the best way to clean appliances. Trust me you will be so glad you took the time to learn about these life hacks. Wishing you a wonderful day, with a little less stress!;)

Fresh Chocolate Chips

I have never seen a functional idea to store chocolate chips until now! Just cup off the top section of a water bottle, thread the bag through it, flip the excess bag over the sides, and finish by twisting the cap on top.

Chocolate Chip bag with a water bottle lid

Bag Hack via allthingsmamma

Magnetic Strip

If you are like me, losing the nail clippers on a weekly basis, then installing a magnetic strip is definitely the way to go. Everything looks so organized!

Magnetic Strip in Cabinet
Better Homes & Gardens

Mount Magnetic Strips via Better Homes & Gardens

Unique Storage

Sometimes a glass cabinet can perfect addition to a bathroom, providing fantastic storage for towels and decor. Not to mention it looks fabulous!

Glass Cabinet Storage in Bathroom
Better Homes & Gardens

Repurpose Furniture in the Bathroom via Better Homes & Gardens

Hot Glue Bath Toys

Although fun, kids’ bath toys can grow mold on the inside from excess water. Avoid the problem by sealing that hole shut with hot glue!

Hot glueing kid's bath toys
One Good Thing

Cleaner Bath Toys vis One Good Thing

Stapler and Keychain

I love this idea of using a stapler to keep a key chain open long enough to take away or add something. This is just so clever!

Stapler holding a keychain open
One Good Thing

Key Ring Helper via One Good Thing

How to Clean Your Washer

Here is an really easy way to clean your washing machine. The best part is all you need is vinegar and you can give your washer a really good clean!

Cleaning Washer with vinegar

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Washer

Measuring Cups

Storing measuring cups can be a real hassle, especially when they stack up and block the drawer from closing. Here is a genius idea that will save a lot of time.

Measuring Cup Storage Hack

Keep Your Measuring Cups Organized via Family Handyman

Baking Conversions

Have you ever been midway into baking and realized that you had no idea how much of the next ingredient to add. This Baking conversion cupboard saves the day!

Baking Conversion Cupboard

Kitchen Mesurement Conversion Chart via Etsy

Corn in the Microwave

How to Cook Corn in the microwave

How to Cook Corn on the Cob in the Microwave via IHeartNaptime

Family Command Center

With everything going on every day it is so nice to have a command center that holds important documents and to-do lists! You are going to love this.

Family Command Center

Family Command Center via Organized-ish

Rubberband on Apple Trick

Apples get brown so fast. To avoid this simply cut your apple, place a rubber band over the apple slices, and when your child takes off the band at lunch it will be fresh!

Apple and rubberband

Hack for Your Snacks via allthingsmamma

How to Clean a Dishwasher

Even though they clean dishes every day, dishwashers need to be cleaned too! Here’s some easy to follow instructions that will help you clean yours!

Open Dishwasher

How to Clean a Dishwasher via Kitchn

How to Make Buttermilk

Most people don’t usually have buttermilk on hand and that can present a problem when you need it to make delicious pancakes! Try this simple buttermilk recipe using distilled vinegar.

Using Distilled Vinegar to Make Buttermilk

How to Make Buttermilk via IHeartNaptime

Medicine Tracker

Using a sharpie to keep track of when you or your child has taken medicine last is simply genius. This is definitely something I will try!

Sharpie on Medicine Bottle

Why Didn’t I Think of That via Lovezilla

Shampoo Bottle Sink

If you have toddlers at home then this hack will be so useful! Attaching an empty shampoo bottle to the sink will make is easier for kiddos to reach the water and wash their hands.

empty shampoo bottle on sick facet
One Crazy House

Mom Hack- Kids’ Sink via One Crazy House

Drip Catcher

Using a drip catcher when giving a child on icecream bar will save you so much energy. Plus, kids will like it if they have cute patterns like these!

Plastic Container below Frozen Treat
Organized 31

DIY Frozen Treat Drip Guard via Organized 31

Baby Powder on Sand

Spending a day at the beach is so much fun but let’s be honest, sand is never fun to clean. Baby powder works wonders when it comes to getting rid of sand!

Rubbing baby powder on sandy leg

Baby Powder Tip

Marshmallow in Brown Sugar

The is nothing worse than finding hard brown sugar when you want to make cookies. Try placing some marshmallows in your bag and it will stay soft and delicious!

Marshmallows in Brown Sugar
The Creek Line House

Keeping Brown Sugar Soft and Fresh via The Creek Line House

Lid Organizer

If you are like me and you are continually reaching down in your cabinets trying to locate your pot lids then you need this! I love how organized this makes everything.

Bar to Hold Pot Lids
Instructables Living

Pot Lid Organizer via Instructables Living

How to Clean Silver

Keep your gorgeous sliver extra shiny with WD-40! CLick on the link below for detailed instructions on how to do this.

WD-40 and Silver
An Extraordinary Day

How to Clean Silver via An Extraordinary Day

More Useful Tips

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  1. I love the matches tip, especially since every time I open the box of matches, they’re upside down…Plus, anything in a jar is automatically cuter!

  2. Love having all of these tips in one place!! You have no idea how many screws I’ve stripped in my DIY lifetime. I’m definitely going to have to save the rubber and idea!

  3. I think I will try the vinegar one today after my shower. I’m being lazy and haven’t gotten out of bed yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I deserve one day off, right?

  4. So, I have known most of these great tips (minus the apple, sandpaper/match, and magnetic command center), but since I hadn’t “pinned” them, they were forgotten. I think the first I’m going to do is the baggie with vinegar on the shower head. Thanks for sharing these and all the other amazing things on your blog!!

    1. One of your tips (uaing nail polish to mark keys) reminded me od somerhkng I do. I use nail polish to mark the top of a plug on my electrical appliances to save having ro figure out which side is up. I did this to my Kindle charger too!

      1. If you use glittery polish (or Crayola glitter glue markers) you can also *feel* which is up and downside of plug in the dark or without even looking. This is helpful for items you have to plug in every night.

  5. I already knew about a bunch of these. The vinegar on the shower head works awesome! Also, I just saw an idea on Pinterest (I don’t think I pinned it or I would site the source) to use popsicle sticks instead of paint sticks to keep a color swatch of paint for each room. Then punch a hole in the end and loop them together with a binder ring. Totally portable to take to the store with you!

    1. Hi, Laura! Just one thing about the popsicle stick idea.. the color calibrators at stores like home depot require a swatch at least the size of a quarter if you’re trying to get them to match it for you. It’s helpful if you have a touch-up to do down the road but didn’t save the can. Happy diy’ing!

  6. I found a water saving tip for the toilet…… ad a brick inside the tank. Yes a brick it’s the most energy efficient thing I have found what a simple and yet cheap trick. I have one of those water saver flushers but that tank is SOOOOO big. I added a brick and I still have plenty of water to flush with. YAY!!

      1. People say that putting something in the toilet tank that takes up space means that less water will be used each time the tank refills after a flush. You don’t have to use a brick…I’ve heard of people using a glass jar or a jug too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I place a tiny dab of peanut butter on the back of picture frames. Then I just line up then press the frame against the wall and the ย tiny dabs of PB on the wall tell me where to put the nails. ย Hand press the nail into wall to create a mark where nail goes, wipe away PB, ย hammer your nail over the ding, then voilร … Perfectly spaced ย spaced nails. ย  I do like the tape idea though too…ย 

  7. Thank you for compiling such a useful collection of tips! I love the curtain rod under the sink one… besides being great for hanging spray bottles, it’s also a convenient place to hang dust rags and rubber gloves.: )


    1. I really love the tape to hang pics Nd the rubber band to remove a stripped screw . The tips here will be very helpful ! Thanks. !

    1. One of the easiest ways to store plastic bags is to simply stuff them into an empty square tissue box. So easy to pull just one out at a time, plus the box is already decorated.

  8. Great tips! Unfortunately, I found that the rubber band for stripped screws didn’t work… I tried it several times! ๐Ÿ™ Can’t wait to try some of the others though!

  9. We’ve been doing this, and student loan people banks continue the same function. In Japan, where touch is avoided as much as I liked him.

  10. love the one about the walnut for the furniture,going to try that very shortly on my electric fireplace.hope it hides the dings as it’s brand new.thanks!

  11. I have been putting off hanging a canvas my daughter got me because it would take me forever to get it hung. I am excited about using the tape idea.

    1. How does that work…. Ive done the wax thing (rain-X) on some in the past but that’s a bit of work. Id love to try the dryer sheets on shower glass

      1. Try using 1 T dishwasher rinse, 1/2 C hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 C Rubbing alcohol, and teaspoon Dawn in a spray bottle (Add water to top). Tip up and down to mix…. of Rain -X. Lots cheaper and works for everything! I use on shower doors (for soap scum buildup), door knobs (germie), Even cleaned my glasses with it. You need to be diligent about shower doors, soap build up happens every time you shower… will drain down into bottom and keep the floor clean too! WARNING: Slippery, so have a sponge or whatever in tub handy to swish around the floors and hang on during this progress!!! I take care of shower spraying while I’m showering and use the sponge when I’m finished, to make my hubby happier when he gets into it later!!!

  12. I will start with the shower head, I looks incredible that you can use only vinegar inside a plastic bag. Thanks very much for the information.

  13. These are great. So glad I had seen this page of ideas! Thank you for sharing. Another I have seen and am getting ready to try is to get one of the small curtain rods (the kind you have to screw in, say for a small bathroom window) and attach to the inside of your kitchen cabinet and you can then hang pots and pans lids on it. Hopefully I have described that well enough to make sense.

  14. And thxs for posting the tips… I love these ideas. My mom puts the scouring pad (the one that rust after one use) in a Styrofoam cup in the freezer to keep it from rusting and it works, I was impress which isn’t easy to do. :). Thxs gurls.

  15. I found an easy way to hang pictures with 2 hangers on the back. I simply tie a strong piece of wire or string between them and I can center the picture perfectly! Very often the hangers aren’t even and it’s somewhat frustrating to line them up correctly on the wall. This prevents that and I’ve only used one nail or screw, which translates into only one hole in the wall!

  16. We all go to the doctors once in a while. You know that band they use around your arm when you have lab tests done. They are suppose to use a new one every time. See if lab tech will give it to you. Next time you have a hard time opening a jar, wrap band around jar and you have extra gripping power. You can also use larger rubber bands the same way

  17. Thanks for the great tips. I also use pale nailpolish to mark the hooks on curtains when I remove them to wash. I can then put them back in the exact place. Hope this helps somebody! thanks again.

  18. An even better way to cook asparagus, is to make it into a bundle on a folded piece of foil; wrap the foil around the bundle and put it in a steamer. ย Easy to pick up when done and just drop in a serving dish with butter, S&P.

  19. May i ask something about your other household tips cleaning, please, i want to know what is the best ink stain remover (clothes).
    Thanks for your kind consideration.

  20. I used this to con my kids into learning when they were young. They wanted to help me cook, so I had them measure water for me. Now, the easiest way for them to do this without making a mess is to stand them on a chair and fill the measuring cup in the sink. Any spills go down the drain. I’d ask for 1/3 cup, a 1/2 cup, etc. They were learning their fractions (we discussed what each meant) and motor skills. And now, for us older ladies who still like to make cakes but find holding the mixer a bit tedious, put the mixing bowl in the sink! That way, we don’t have to hold the mixer up high, we can lean on the sink or lean the mixer on the sink. Way easier:)

  21. Another great idea is to get a hard bread clip put on cord and write on it with permanent marker like DVD, phone etc

  22. Vinegar works great. I use CLR on my shower head to. When the water pressures in the shower gets to running low. I take the shower head off and pour a little CLR in a bowl and soak the shower head in it there is also a little screen in the shower head ย I take it out and soak it to it gets clogged due the hard hard water. Works great and you have great water pressure and a clean shower head.
    As a saver note I just pour the left over CLR back it the bottle will last a long time.

  23. I paid particular attention to your rubber band for stripped screws and crayon ideas. They were great and so helpfulย 

  24. OK, so using sandpaper to strike matches is an awesome idea! Will certainly be using this when we start our camp fires.

  25. These are amazing! All the kitchen tips are my favorites! We have a tiny kitchen and I can never find things and when I cook bigger meals, I never seem to have the right measuring tools on hand. Thank you for sharing all these!

  26. Will have to remember using the rubber band to get rid of a striped screw the next time I need to try it. Nice tip!

  27. I love all the tips. When you are a Parent, its good to have learn all of these things. Especially with the clothes, it will even got a mold remediation that will look like a dark spots and very hard to pull it off.

  28. On your Matches in the mason jar, I put the sand paper INSIDE the jar lid. Since the inside of the jar is water proof as long as the lid is on tight, you will always have a dry place to strike your match. This ideal is really for campers. An old trick from my Grandma when I first packed my bag on my first Girl Scout camping trip(in the 60’s).

  29. Nice post, Jamielyn! I HATE cleaning, so this was perfect for me. I especially like the tub trickโ€ฆ or any of these having to do with baking soda+vinegar=fizz! Thanks!