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20 DIY Spring Wreaths

20 DIY Spring Wreaths…great ideas for brightening up your home this Spring! Step by step instructions to help you create beautiful decor.

The Magic of Spring

I am counting down the days until Spring. I don’t know about you but I am ready to put our snow clothes into storage and bring out the sandals and shorts! Just seeing the green grass makes me so happy. I have definitely missed having picnics and barbeques. Spring is a wonderful time of the year. There are more outdoor events, morning walks, and swim parties. I cannot wait!

One way to fully embrace the magic of spring is to create and up your own wreath! This adds so much color and life to the front door, letting the world know that you love spring! Below are 20 wreath ideas that you can create yourself, just click on the link and follow the instructions. Have a wonderful spring!

20 DIY Spring Wreaths

Gorgeous designs for your front door this Spring! These DIY masterpieces are sure to put you in a great mood and will impress anyone walking down your street.

Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath

Bring in all the colors of the rainbow with this fun Easter egg wreath! It’s cute, affordable, and perfect for Spring.


Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath via Lars

Sage and Blush Wreath

This wreath sure is dreamy! The blush pinks and greenery embody what Spring is and they look amazing together.

Bless’er House

DIY Sage and Blush Spring Wreath via Bless’er House

Pretty Fresh Flower Wreath

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?! This wreath is breathtaking and is a fun project for those who love working with flowers.

Better Homes and Gardens

Pretty DIY Fresh Flower Wreath via Better Homes and Gardens

Tulip Wreath

Wow. This is simply amazing. Tulips are an iconic Spring flower and this wreath is letting them shine! Put this on your door and you’ll definitely be getting compliments.

Chatfield Court

Easy Tulip Wreath DIY via Chatfield Court

Spring Butterfly Wreath

Try something different by placing vibrant butterflies on your wreath. This door is definitely ready for Spring.

Design Improvised

The Prettiest DIY Spring Butterfly Wreath via Design Improvised

Cupcake Liner Flower Wreath

Feeling extra crafty? Try creating this cupcake liner masterpiece! I didn’t know paper could look so beautiful!

My Pinterventures

Spring Cupcake Liner Flower Wreath via My Pinterventures

Easy Easter Wreath

This has got to be one of my favorites! Simple, cute, and colorful. This is one wreath that would look great with any door color.

Handmade Weekly

Easy DIY Easter Wreath via Handmade Weekly

Bunny Pom Pom Wreath

If you are in the pom pom making mood then this is the wreath for you! I am loving the cute bunny ears on this one.

A Beautiful Mess

Bunny Pom Pom Wreath DIY via A Beautiful Mess

Pom Pom Embroidery Hoop

Here’s a beautiful boho-style Spring wreath. It’s very simple to put together and gives the house a whimsical look.

It All Started With Paint

Pom Pom Embroidery Hoop Wreath For Spring via It All Started With Paint

Speckled Egg Wreath

The speckled eggs and straw make this wreath super unique. It actually looks like a beautiful bird’s nest. So cool!

Live Oak nest

Speckled Egg Wreath DIY via Live Oak Nest

Egg Hoop Wreath

The moss and bright eggs in this wreath are so fun. You will have fun making this one and choosing whichever color of eggs and bow you like!

Run to Radiance

DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath via Run to Radiance

Tulip and Burlap Wreath

The colorful tulips in this one are so pretty. I love how the burlap is intertwined into the wreath giving off some major Spring vibes.

Top 50 DIY Spring Wreaths on iheartnaptime.com -so many cute ideas!
Polkadot Chair

Tulip Wreath via Polkadot Chair

Baby’s Breath Wreath

Baby’s Breath has got to be up there in my list of favorite flowers. It looks so breathtaking and this wreath is simply stunning.

Top 50 DIY Spring Wreaths on iheartnaptime.com -so many cute ideas!
Two Delighted

Baby’s Breath Wreath via Two Delighted

Nature Basket Wreath

Did you know you could turn a basket into a beautiful wreath? I didn’t! I am absolutely loving the nature vibe of this one.

Top 50 DIY Spring Wreaths on iheartnaptime.com -so many cute ideas!
Karen Lidbeck-Brent

Nature Basket Wreath via Karen Lidbeck-Brent

Simply Spring Wreath

The eggs next in this wreath is so fun! The dainty wildflowers, greenery, and burlap bow give this door a great look.

Top 50 DIY Spring Wreaths on iheartnaptime.com -so many cute ideas!
On Sutton Place

Simply Spring Wreath via On Sutton Place

Bunny Boxwood Wreath

This Bunny Boxwood Wreath can be placed outdoors or indoors and is so darn cute. I love the leafy Easter bunny outline.

Top 50 DIY Spring Wreaths on iheartnaptime.com -so many cute ideas!
Simplicity in the South

Bunny Boxwood Wreath via Simplicity in the South

Felt Flower Wreath

This wreath is covered in felt flowers and looks amazing! If you love arts and crafts this is a great option for you.

Craftiness is not Optional

Felt Flower Wreath via Craftiness is not Optional

Spring Watering Can Wreath

This gorgeous farmhouse wreath is rustic and romantic. The eggs and tulips make this a great Easter wreath!

Better Homes and Gardens

Spring Watering Can with Flowers via Better Homes and Gardens

Tulip Carrot Wreath

This is so creative and I absolutely love it. Create a carrot by using some orange and yellow tulips and greenery.

Better Homes and Gardens

Tulip Carrot Wreath via Better Homes and Gardens

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  1. I’m with you on the spring countdown — when will we see spring in Ohio this year?? I did see a bluebird the other day, which means it has to be coming soon. Thanks so much for the pretty, spring inspiration today, and for including the Moss Rock Wreath from CraftsnCoffee. 

  2. There are so many great ideas here! I love how different, but springy, they all are! I am inspired now to get going on some spring decor!

  3. Creativity at its summit. Thanks a lot for getting me occupied with such DIY stuffs to work on. Soon I will inform you of what I will succeed in. I want more stuffs.

  4. Each and every wreath is awesome. Now I need to decide which one to make as a birthday gift. 🙂