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50 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas

50 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas…great inspiration for easter baskets other than candy. Surprise your kids with little things that they will love!

Easter Morning

Easter is an amazing holiday. Not only do we get to remember the reason for the season, but we also get to shower our loved ones with little treats and gifts! I remember waking up on Easter morning and running around the house with my siblings trying to find where the Easter bunny had hidden our baskets and eggs. It was so much fun and I looked forward to it all year. I will now get to do that for my children and it’s so exciting!

Below you’ll find 50 ideas for Easter Baskets that aren’t candy. Now don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not against candy but I also don’t think the baskets need to be filled to the brim with it. In my experience, kids like the small little gifts the best, and I’d prefer they don’t eat candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that day so it’s a win-win for everyone!

50 non-candy Easter basket ideas on iheartnaptime.com ...a must see list!

50 Easter Bakset Ideas for the Entire Family

  1. Coloring Books
  2. Markers and Crayons
  3. Eggs Full of Cheerios
  4. Character Bandaids
  5. Fun Toothbrush
  6. Play Dough
  7. Silly Putty
  8. Puzzles
  9. Barbies
  10. Superheros
  11. Bubbles
  12. Sand Toys
  13. Pool Toys (squirt guns, goggles, etc.)
  14. Movies
  15. Bouncy Balls
  16. Sidewalk Chalk
  17. Slinky
  18. Legos
  19. Letters and Shapes for Bath Time
  20. Felt Food
  21. Eggs full of small toys
  22. Blocks
  23. New Sippy Cups or Water Bottles
  24. Gardening Supplies
  25. Hair Accessories
  26. Nail Polish
  27. Mud Mask
  28. Movie Tickets
  29. Stuffed Animal
  30. USB Drive
  31. Trail mix & Jerky
  32. Cologne
  33. Baseball Cards
  34. Frisbee
  35. Personalized Stationary
  36. New Pajamas
  37. Sunglasses
  38. Rubik’s Cube
  39. Admission passes to the zoo, museum, etc.
  40. Gas Card
  41. Stickers
  42. Children’s Bible
  43. Bunny Ears
  44. Crazy Socks
  45. Finger Paints
  46. New Books
  47. Jump Rope
  48. Money or Gift Cards
  49. Board Game
  50. Play Dough Carrot

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  1. Thank you for this list. Still haven’t gone shopping yet. But I will be making the fish “Carrots.” My girls love them. I really try to not go the whole Candy route.

    Best wishes on the show tomorrow. Will try to record it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I have seen a lot of bunny/egg/basket craft ideas this year and was just wondering if you had any religious craft ideas for Easter. I would love to have some inspirational crafts to help my kids celebrate.

  3. Sidewalk chalk, silly putty, cute pajamas, and books are my go-to Easter basket stuffers:) I’ll be posting about the Easter baskets I put together later this week.

  4. Great post!! I have a tradition of putting a bathing suit in my daughter’s Easter basket. She usually needs a new one around this time of year so I figured why not make it a yearly thing? I also got her a $4 Easter movie from Target this year. Nail polish is a good one too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Great list!! This year I am doing homemade playdoh, a handmade headband to wear with her Easter dress, a new Easter book, a chocolate bunny, $4 in quarters in eggs (because Luci is 4 years old now), and I still need to stop at the lds bookstore to pick her up something like a ctr bracelet. LOVE Easter! We’re going to the pageant tomorrow night. Have you gone yet this year? Good luck on the show tomorrow!!!

  6. oooo this list was much needed!!! No chitlins of my own, but I made a cute little holloween treat bag for the little girl next store and wanted to do an easter basket for her as well! Thanks for the list!!!

  7. Thanks for all the great ideas! I think Easter has the best candy but I’d still rather put stuff in my kids’ baskets that they can use — not just eat.

  8. I always try to do something somewhat religious. My little bug is a little over 1, this year he is getting a CTR tie tack.

  9. I only give one small chocolate bunny and the fill the basket with fruit. Each of my girls get two of their favorite fruits and they don’t have to share it. I will throw in a little pressie too but I have to be careful because my girls have started talking about asking the Easter bunny for an ipod touch. I think I have blurred the line between Santa and bunny!

  10. This is the first year my little one will be old enough to do an Easter egg hunt so I plan on letting him have a little candy but I’m also going to scatter musical “shaker” eggs that we made. He had a blast making them with me and he keeps sneaking them and trying to play with them early.

  11. Books are my “must-have” item in Easter baskets. No matter how old my kids are (14, 4, and 2), they each get a book. I try to avoid candy. Food alternatives that I use: fresh fruit, trail mix, microwave popcorn, graham crackers, goldfish crackers, and dried fruit.

  12. He’s just two. I follow a similar rule to what you stated in your TV spot. I only buy stuff he needs or I’m going to buy anyway {this goes for stockings too}. This year, he’s getting a new sippee cup, goldfish, his favorite fruit snakes, sidewalk chalk {from Sidewalk Sensations on Etsy last year and Sunshine & Sidewalks on Etsy this year}, play dough, new beach towel, sandles, finger paints, a movie, new book, sun hat, sunscreen, bubbles and an egg filled with his first fake tattoos. As an infant, I did Puffs instead of the fruit snacks and threw in a new bib and owl bath mitt, some baby toys, baby bath soap, new white onesies, etc. As a child, we had the same basket every year and one large item. I’m keeping that tradition going and filling his same basket from his last two Easters, and he’s getting a tricycle too. I plan ahead and start gathering soon after Valentine’s Day. That way nothing is a shock to the wallet!

  13. This year I will make caramel Apples and popcornballs to put in the childrens easterbox ( shoebox because they are large) together with somekind of puzzle, Cocoa (instant) and marshmallows, oranges and a cartoon mag to read. A pair of mittens and warm socks is also good to have in the cold or out on a crosscountry skitrip ( day trip). I also just saw a receipe on straw worms Made of gell-o and straws, Great idea:)

  14. I got some of their favorite candies, crackers, Brave Tattoos, little toys from Walmart’s birthday favors sections (jacks, frogs, etc.) card games, random little toys and puzzles, the tiny towels that soak up and expand in water, pennies and nickles – all for baskets and our egg hunt.

  15. My “kids” are older and newly married. This year the girls` baskets will be enameled collanders with almonds, mints, nail polish and nail files. The guys will get car washing supplies, almonds, mints, and snack bars.

    1. my kids are older, so for the girls they are getting movie night. (Popcorn, coke, DVD & a box of movie candy). The guys shose shine kit & candy.

  16. My kids are getting several books, a coloring/activity book, new washable markers, flip-flops, 1 or 2 small toys, stickers, a new travel water bottle.

  17. Just to quantify, we live in SoCal. My kids always get their summer goodies such as new bathing suits, towels, sandals, sunglasses, totes ( I prefer practical, usable containers) and beach toys. I do sprinkle in only their fav candies. Now that they are older it’s only Sees candies. I do use very large plastic eggs to disguise some gifts such as bathing suits or special surprises. My mother is so into Easter, sometimes my kids have had 19 baskets from teeny to bigger…….I LOVE to make baskets year around ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Great ideas! Since my daughters are 20 & 16, I bought them the traditional solid chocolate bunny, jelly beans, and Cadbury eggs. My oldest daughter wanted hair accessories so I got some from Ulta and my youngest I got a book she’s been wanting from Amazon. I also got some really cute spring colored fingernail polish. I’m going to Ikea this weekend to get some cute white scalloped containers to put their stuff in.

  19. This is so awesome ! Thank you so much for posting with 7 kids it is very challenging .. This has saved my pocket book. Most of these things listed I can grab from the dollar tree.. Thanks again .

  20. Two of our favorites are kites and silly string. Even the big kids enjoy our annual silly string fight.

  21. my son was only 3 years old when he cried no mommy i want a fruit basket and it not being the time of year for fruit baskets the local store didn’t have any so i call and asked them if they could make a fruit basket and then they asked the occasion i said my 3 year old is crying for a fruit only basket and i can’t find none so they made him a basket and called me to come get it my son was so happy they even put 2 toys and one little candy bar in it which upset him but he gave it away as soon as we got home with it. I love how all my kids make healthy choises on their own most of the time. they cry for salads over candy or fruit and veggies over candy love it .

  22. Grateful for the Easter ideas. My girls will love these things. While a few pieces of chocolate is ok, I like more of your Spring ideas!! I am opening my yoga studio April 1 – myย Mission in life is to make yoga a family ritual. So I am hosting a yog Easter egg hunt!

  23. Pajamas I do them for all holidays. Slippers, socks, toothbrushes bath crayons, foam, bubbles, fizzers, and loofahs.

  24. My children are older, so I give them laundry baskets filled with shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, laundry detergent, favorite soda, microwave popcorn, etc.. They love it.ย