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You’ve Been Boo’d FREE Printables

FREE You’ve Been Boo’d printables...a fun way to share some treats with loved ones!

You've Been Boo'd Printables on iheartnaptime.com

A Halloween Tradition

Family traditions are the best part of fall! Nothing beats getting together and making priceless memories with the ones you love. Halloween is the perfect time to get together as a family and Boo someone! Below you will find You’ve Been Boo’d printables that could not be easier to put together and are so cute!

What Does it Mean When You Get Boo’d?

Boo’ing a neighbor means you show them you care about them by giving them treats! That neighbor then shares the love and Boo’s someone else in the neighborhood.

Boo’ing is usually done anonymously and kids love it! I have fun memories of my siblings and I hiding in the bushes and watching our neighbors open their door to find our sweet treat!

You've Been Boo'd Printables on iheartnaptime.com

Free Printable Includes

  1. 2 You’ve Been Boo’d cards
  2. 2 We’ve Been Boo’d door hangers
  3. 8 fun-sized candy bar treat covers
You've Been Boo'd Printables on iheartnaptime.com

You’ve Been Boo’d Instructions

  1. Print out the printable twice (2 sheets) and cut out designs.
  2. Fill 2 bags with candy (use the fun-sized candy treat covers).
  3. Tape together the front and back of the You’ve Been Boo’d cards with double-sided tape and attach them to the bag.
  4. Choose 2 neighbors to Boo.
  5. Secretly deliver the bag of candy to 2 neighbors and hang the We’ve Been Boo’d sign on their door.
  6. Hide and watch your neighbor smile when they see they’ve been Boo’d!
You've Been Boo'd Printables on iheartnaptime.com

FREE Printable Download

Download the free printable below and you’ll be on your way to boo’ing your neighbors, friends and loved ones in no time!

You've Been Boo'd Printables on iheartnaptime.com

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This post was originally contributed by Erin from Printable Crush.

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  1. here’s an idea for you to work up in your professional manner: we lived in a neighborhood where i wanted to keep the kids out of the candy but leave the bowl on the cabinet in our vestibule, with both doors open a little. this is what i did that worked well for years and years: i made a sign, about 1/2 a sheet of paper in size, with red marker that said, ‘SCREAM for service!’ with drops of blood dripping from the letters. this was stuck over the doorbell button (and visible because the light was on). then i took one pack of that fuzzy stuff they sell to make outdoor spiderwebs with and pulled it out to make a huge spiderweb that stretched all over our front porch so as to keep the kids about arms length from the door. i also included a huge red glittery spider i got at the craft store, higher than kids could reach. i was able to reach thru the web to hand out candy. our neighborhood sounded wonderful each halloween and the kids weren’t afraid. it was very easy to put up and take down. i just took in the sign and turned off the light when it was too late (or we ran out of candy or other treats). the next day the web came down in about one minute. easy-peasy and FUN!