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50 Amazing Fall Wreaths!

50 AMAZING fall wreaths…great DIY ideas for making your home look extra festive this year!

Festive Fall DIY Decor

I love everything about fall. Some of my favorite things are the changing leaves, outdoor festivals, candles, sweaters, and the ever so delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookie! Most importantly, I love all of the family activities that happen during fall.

Decorating your home is one activity that can be done as a family to put everyone in the festive mood! Below are 50 beautiful wreaths that you can put together to add a little extra cheer to your home this year. I have also included a couple of fun Halloween wreath ideas for your October decor.

White Sunflower Wreath

The colors in this wreath are simply breathtaking and give off some major fall vibes. You can’t go wrong with this festive display!

Simply Taralynn

Beautiful Fall Wreath via Simply Taralynn

Foraged Fall Wreath

Decorate your door with a beautiful woodland look with this foraged fall wreath. This looks like something out of an enchanted forest!

Sanctuary Home Decor

Foraged Fall Wreath via Sanctuary Home Decor

Faux Eucalyptus Wreath

I love the bright colors in this one. This wreath is easy to make and looks amazing hanging on the door.

Worthing Court

Easiest Fall Wreath via Worthing Court

Modern Leather Wreath

Take a more modern approach to your fall decorating with this modern leather wreath. It’s simple, elegant, and festive!

Cherished Bliss

Modern Leather Fall Wreath via Cherished Bliss

Dollar Tree Fall Wreath

I can’t believe that this breathtaking wreath was created from items found at the dollar tree! The colors in this wreath are perfect for fall!

Simply Lovely Living

Easy DIY Fall Wreath from the Dollar Tree via Simply Lovely Living

Pinecone Wreath

Pinecones very affordable, often found on the ground, and make very elegant looking wreaths. This is a great way to get your home looking extra festive!

A Well Purposed Woman

Easy 30 min Pinecone Wreath via A Well Purposed Woman

Wheat-Colored Grass Wreath

This wreath is simply gorgeous. The neutral color tones look great on every door and it’s so easy to make! Sounds like a winner to me.

Full Hearted Home

Easy & Free Fall Wreath via Full Hearted Home

Flower Wreath

The flowers are a focal point for this wreath! I love all pops of yellow around the sides and the gorgeous greenery. This is a great option for festive fall decor.

Making Home Pretty

DIY Fall Wreath via Making Home Pretty

Rustic Fall Wreath

This rustic fall wreath may not have any orange and yellow but it sure is pretty! The flower and plant choices look so elegant and scream harvest time.

Run to Radiance

Pretty DIY Fall Wreath Ideas via Run to Radiance

Pink Fall Wreath

Why not add a little pink to your fall decorations? This wreath is simple, dainty, and adorable!

Arin Solange at Home

Easy DIY Fall Wreath via Arin Solange at Home

Simple Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine is perfect for fall and is an amazing base for wreaths. This grapevine wreath is so cute and can be made in under 20 min!

Crazy Little Projects

DIY Fall Wreath via Crazy Little Projects

Hydrangea Wreath

The cream, orange, and red hydrangeas in this wreath are perfect for fall. This wreath is extremely easy to make and looks great!

Our Signature Swag

How to make an Easy Fall Wreath via Our Signature Swag

5 min Dollar Tree Wreath

Here’s another wreath that is made from items at the dollar tree! This affordable statement piece is both whimsical and festive.

Craftberry Bush

Five Minute Dollar Tree Fall Wreath via Craftberry Bush

Acorn Wreath

Acorns on a wreath look so amazing and will definitely receive compliments. Make sure to glue those acorns on tight!

Tired & True

Fall Wreaths with Acorns via Tired & True

Boho Wreath

This one is for all my boho lovers out there! This wreath is extremely simple and gorgeous.

Crazy Life with Littles

Fall Boho Vibe via Crazy Life with Littles

Fall Pumpkin Wreath

The lights in this display really make this wreath pop! It looks amazing, is fun to put together, works great for Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Fall Pumpkin Wreath via LilyArdor

High-End Style DIY Wreath

This gorgeous fall wreath looks super expensive but in reality, it’s not pricey at all! Simply quick on the link below, follow the instructions, and you’ve got yourself an amazing wreath!

the happy housie

High-End Style DIY Fall Wreath via the happy housie

Flower Hoop Wreath

Hoop wreaths are very simple to make and popular decor right now. The colors in this wreath are versatile and can be used in the fall and spring!

Chrissy Marie Blog

DIY Hoop Wreath Tutorial for Fall via Chrissy Marie Blog

Orange Leaf Wreath

Here’s a wreath where the majority of it is leaves! It’s beautiful, vibrant, and perfect for fall!

The Castellon Home

Simple DIY Fall Wreath via The Castellon Home

Modern Wreath

This is truly an Instagram worthy wreath. The modern design and soft colors of this wreath look amazing!

The Quail’s Nest

DIY Modern Asymmetrical Fall Wreath via The Quail’s Nest

Textured Fall Wreath

This textured wreath is full and fabulous! I love all of the festive colors and plants in this one.

The Wood Grain Cottage

DIY Fall Wreath via The Wood Grain Cottage

Neutral Fall Wreath

This wreath is simple and sweet. It can be hung indoors or outdoors and gives off a pretty farmhouse vibe!

Angela Marie Made

Neutral Fall Wreath DIY via Angela Marie Made

Pumpkin Wreath

Placing a pumpkin on the door can be a wonderful statement piece for fall! I love the beautiful bow in this pumpkin wreath.

Down Redbud Drive

Pumpkin Wreath DIY via Down Redbud Drive

Fall Split Wood Bead Wreath

This modern style wreath is unique, festive, and adorable! The wooden beads give this wreath a lot of charm.

Lolly Jane

Fall Split Wood Bead Wreath via Lolly Jane

Buffalo Plaid Farmhouse Wreath

Here’s one for all thous farmhouse lovers out there! The beautiful buffalo plaid ribbon really ties together this look.

La Vida Lati

Buffalo Plaid Farmhouse Pumpkin Fall Wreath via La Vida Lati

Holiday Decor Wreath

Why drive to the store and buy new supplies when you can turn your holiday decorations into a wreath?! This holiday decor wreath is stunning!


Holiday Decor into Wreath via Designthusiasm

Orange Slice Fall Wreath

Orange slices are not only delicious but make great fall decorations. Check out this festive wreath idea!

artsy chicks rule

DIY Fall Wreath via Artsy Chicks Rule

Fall Hoop Wreath

Here’s a fun 3 flower wreath that is easy to make and looks darling on a door! This is also a great idea for family craft night.

Virginia Sweet Pea

Fall Hoop Wreath via Virginia Sweet Pea

Corn Wreath

This corn wreath is perfect for Thanksgiving! I love all of the tiny details and colorful leaves.

Anika’s DIY Life

Easy DIY Fall Wreath via Anika’s DIY Life

Crochet Pumpkin Wreath

Love crocheting? Try this crochet pumpkin wreath! Nothing better than homemade decorations.

MJs Off the Hook Designs

Crochet Fall Wreath- Free Pattern via MJs Off the Hook Designs

Pumpkin Hoop Wreath

You can never have too many pumpkins when it comes to fall! This hoop wreath has gorgeous greenery and will look great on the door.

A Heart Filled Home

Easy DIY Fall Hoop Wreath via a Heart Filled Home

Hello Pumpkin Door Decor

This door decor takes the place of a traditional wreath and is adorable! I absolutely love the fall colors in this one.

The Happy Scraps

Hello Pumpkin Fall Door Decor via The Happy Scraps

Wood Slice Wreath

I have seen a wood slice wreath before and I love it! It gives off major fall vibes and looks simple to make.

Twelve on Main

Wreath with Wood Slices via Twelve on Main

$1.00 Fall Wreath

$1.00 is an amazing price for this breathtaking wreath! I love how whimsical and dreamy it looks.

All Things Thrifty

Fall Wreath that Cost 1.00 or Less via All Things Thrifty

Pumpkin and Floral Wreath

Flowers and pumpkins look so cute together and this wreath is truly stunning! You can even customize this wreath by adding your favorite flowers.

Eryn Whalyn Online

Pumpkin and Floral Fall Wreath via Eryn Whalen Online

Deco Mesh Pumpkin Wreath

I thought this was such a neat idea. This deco mesh pumpkin wreath is definitely original and will set your house apart from others on the street!

Crafts by Amanda

Deco Mesh Pumpkin Wreath via Crafts by Amanda

Autumn Wispy Wreath

Add a little fall flare to your door with this fun wispy wreath! It’s festive and can even be used as a spooky wreath for Halloween!

Made in a Day

Harvest Pumpkin Autumn Wispy Wreath via Made in a Day

White Leaf Wreath

This creative white leaf wreath is elegant and festive at the same time! The white leaves aren’t found in your typical fall wreath but they look amazing! Kind of like flocking a Christmas tree.

Sparkle Living

White Leaf Fall Wreath via Sparkle Living

Floral Hoop Wreath

Hoop wreaths are definitely in style right now. The flowers in this wreath are perfect fall colors and would look beautiful outside hanging on the door.

Fall Wreath
Simply Designing

Fall Hoop Wreath via Simply Designing

Charming Fresh Flower Wreath

Give your door a bit of country elegance with this charming flower wreath. This display looks like it’s out of a magazine!

Fall Wreath
French Country Cottage

Simple & Charming Fresh Flower Wreath for Autumn via French Country Cottage

Bohemian Feather Wreath

Add more style to your home with this breathtaking bohemian feather wreath. Now that’s one good looking door!

Fall Wreath
Place of my Taste

Bohemian Feather Wreath for Fall via Place of My Taste

Braided Rope Wreath

The details on this wreath are stunning! This may take a little more effort to create but it will be so worth it!

Fall Wreath
Lia Griffith

Braided Rope Wreath via Lia Griffith

Pumpkin Patch Wreath

This pumpkin patch wreath has got all the beautiful elements of fall. The beautiful greens, oranges, and golds make this a gorgeous statement piece for any home.

Fall Wreath
Miss Lovie

New Fall Wreath: A Gold and Orange Pumpkin Patch via Miss Lovie

Wheat Wreath

Wheat is often a symbol for gratitude and it makes beautiful wreaths! Show your guests that you got a lot to be grateful for this year with this stunning wreath.

diy fall wreaths

The Wheat Wreath via Thrive

Halloween Pumpkin Wreath

You can’t go wrong with putting the icon of Halloween on your door. This pumpkin wreath takes little effort to assemble and looks great.

Halloween Wreath

Halloween Pumpkin Wreath via Eighteen25

Halloween Candy Wreath

A DIY candy wreath is a wonderful option if you want to leave the house but still support the little ones in you neighborhood and hand out candy. This is also a great way to practice social distancing during a pandemic!

Halloween Wreath
Honey & Lime

DIY Halloween Candy Wreath via Honey & Lime

Halloween Blackbird Wreath

Blackbirds are well known for appearing in scary movies and make great Halloween decorations. This fairly simple wreath will have your guests feeling the spooky vibes.

Halloween Wreath
Twelve on Main

Halloween Wreath DIY via Twelve on Main

BOO Wreath

How cute is this?! This Halloween wreath is not only adorable but has both black and orange on it making it a great option!

Halloween Wreath
Tails to Tell

Halloween Wreath via Tails to Tell

Spider Webb Wreath

A webb wreath on the door is fun, creative, and screams Halloween. This extremely affordable wreath is definitely something to consider!

Halloween Wreath

Amazing Spider Webb Wreath via Twitchetts

Googly Eyed Spider Wreath

A Googly Eyed Spider Wreath is both cute and spooky making it a great decor option for Halloween. Plus, the kids will have so much fun assembling the spiders!

Halloween Wreath
Simply Designing

Halloween Wreath made with Dollar Spot Items via Simply Designing

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  1. Those are all lovely! I especially love the moss wreath by The Charm of Home. If my front door wasn’t south-facing, I’d make one! Anything with hot glue just melts right off 😉

  2. I am so honored to see that my Rustic Rancher Wreath was included in this list! I absolutely love the Nest of Posies wreath!

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  3. What a fabulous collection of goodness! If this doesn’t inspire me I don’t know what will.

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  6. This is pretty awesome. My favorite one is the Burlap Fall Wreath. I really love this and will decorate this on my door next halloween.

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  8. These are amazing! I love the one with the paper leaves. That would make an interesting recycling project with the kids. Just imagine the colors and the designs they can come up with. Thank you. Each and every one of these is wonderful.