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Homemade Vanilla Sugar Scrub

vanilla sugar scrub in a jar with roses

This homemade vanilla sugar scrub takes only 4 ingredients and 5 minutes to make! So simple and will leave your skin silky-smooth.
Have you ever made a homemade sugar scrub before? I make them every winter. My hands get so dry, so I’ll rub the scrub on them every few days to exfoliate and help moisturize them. The brown sugar scrub, peppermint scrub and lemon sugar scrub are also some of my favorites.

This vanilla sugar scrub would make the perfect homemade gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day! All you need is 3 simple ingredients: coconut oil, sugar and vanilla. You can add the roses for a pop of color and extra scent too.

How to make vanilla sugar scrub

You only need a few simple ingredients to make this recipe and you probably already have everything you need in your pantry. I added some roses as well for color, but you definitely can leave them out.

  1. Mix: It really is as simple as mixing sugar, melted coconut oil and vanilla in a bowl.
  2. Customize: You can change the smell by adding in the roses, honey, or essential oils.
  3. Store in an airtight container for maximum results. If you want the scrub softer, add an extra Tablespoon or two of coconut oil.
how to make vanilla sugar scrub with roses

Printable tag

Print onto card stock paper with a colored printer. I used my favorite circle punch to cut it out and then used a adhesive to stick it onto the jar.

Sugar Scrub pink tag being cut
Vanilla sugar scrub in a mason jar with green ribbon

I finished off the gift with a simple ribbon and it was ready to go in no time at all!

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Vanilla sugar body scrub recipe


This homemade vanilla sugar scrub takes only 4 ingredients and 5 minutes to make! So simple and will leave your skin silky-smooth.


  • 1 3/4 cups granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil (,melted)
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (, more if desired)

Optional: 1 Tablespoon honey, rose petals


  1. Combine the sugar, oil and vanilla in a medium size bowl or food processor. Mix together until well combined (you may need to use your hands). Add honey or chopped rose petals if desired. Add more coconut oil if needed.

  2. Store in an air tight container.

Shelf life 1-3 months. Scoop with a spoon to prevent germs.

Note: You could use coarse sugar, or a combination of fine and coarse sugar for variation.

Homemade sugar scrubs make such a great and inexpensive gift.
Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you try it out 🙂

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  1. Would love to try to make this but I don’t have rose petals and I’m one of those gals who tries to only venture into a store twice a month.  😉  I do have rosemary essential oil.  How many drops would you think?

    1. Rosemary will bring an entirely different tone to it. You’ll want to make sure what you have is safe for skin contact, and I’d only add one drop.

  2. I love this.  I added lavender and patchouli oils to mine instead of the rise petals but it makes my hands feel so soft and works great on my face to during the dry winter months. 

  3. LOVE this! It’s amazing! I took advantage of the roses my hubby got me for Valentine’s Day. Thought it would be a perfect use when they started to look bad. Whipped up 4 batches to keep one for myself and give some for some upcoming birthdays. Tried it on my hands after one batch and WOW, it’s perfect. Simple ingredients and quick to make. Thank you!

    1. Yes! It’s just a little 8 ounce mason jar I had – it’s my favorite size for making jam and jelly, too.

  4. I would love to gift this for Christmas! how long does it last? I’m worried about discoloration if I make too far ahead of time, or if they don’t use it right away.

    1. That’s a valid concern! You should be able to make it a week before Christmas without issues, and definitely store in the fridge while you’re waiting for gifting time!
      I’ve had it last longer, but not by much because I use it up so quickly!

  5. I finally made this today for gifting this weekend!  My daughter sampled it and her skin is SO soft and it smells divine!    
    I’d like to add that the lady in the floral dept was concerned of my use when I told her what I was doing- the roses they get are from South America, and she wasn’t sure of what pesticides were used on them.   I decided to go to a local florist who assured me her roses were grown locally without pesticides.  Can never be too careful I suppose!   Thank you for the great idea, and also prompt response to my previous question about shelf life!! 

  6. For your vanilla rose sugar scrub, could crushed Rose hips be used instead of rose petals??

  7. I would like to try this but I’m concerned about oils in the bath area.  I’m afraid my husband will slip and fall.

  8. Could you use other flower petals instead of rose? I have a big blooming cherry tree in my lawn but roses have not yet bloomed.

    1. It should be okay… cherry petals are antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. They can also reduce signs of aging. However, since they are considerably smaller than rose petals, then you should add a few more to the mix. Make sure all pollen is removed— sometimes pollen travels with the petals when they are plucked.

  9. 5 stars
    It’s been a long time since I’ve made a sugar scrub. Great recipe. It smells so good! The ones from the store always have a “fake” vanilla smell to them that I cannot stand, but using the real vanilla makes it smell amazing!