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20 Awesome Boy’s Birthday Party Ideas

20 Awesome Boy’s Birthday Party Ideas…creative and fun themes that your little man will love! Inspiration to help you create a magical event.

20 Awesome Boy's Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Themes for Boys

Birthdays are so much fun. I remember one year my parents took me go-cart racing with some of my closest friends. It meant so much to me that my parents organized such a fun event. I felt so loved. Birthday parties are all about coming together to show love and support and maybe eating a slice or two of some delicious ice cream cake. Whether you choose to throw a birthday party for your child every year or just on those special milestone ones, hosting a birthday bash can be a blast!

Although parties are a ton of fun, sometimes they can be difficult to put together. If you have a boy then you may feel like most of the birthday theme ideas out on the internet are for girls. Look no further! I have got you covered. Below you will find 20 fantastic birthday party ideas for boys. Any of these are sure to be a homerun!

“Two Fast” Race Car

A racecar party is perfect for a toddler who loves speed! The racing flags really help bring this idea together!

Race Care Boy's Birthday Party Theme
Emelbe Design

TWO FAST Race Car Party via Emelbe Design

Mad Scientist

Wow your guests with this incredible mad scientist birthday party idea. I love all of the fun and colorful decorations in this one!

Scientist Boy's Birthday Party
Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

Awesome Mad Scientist Birthday Party Ideas via Twinkle Twinkle Little Party


Got a kiddo who loves the water? An ocean shark-themed birthday party is so fun and this balloon wave is just stunning!

Shark Boys Birthday Party
Micah Juliet

Parkers First Birthday Party via Micah Juliet

Peter Rabbit

Bring your child’s favorite book to life with a fabulous Peter Rabbit party! All of the details in this picture are so adorable.

Peter Rabbit Boys Birthday Party
Alicia Lacey

A Peter Rabbit First Birthday Party via Alicia Lacey

“Rookie Year” Baseball

This baseball-themed party is for a one-year-old but it can be adapted to fit any age! I love the fun concessions stand feel with this one.

Baseball Boys Birthday Party
A Touch of Pink

Dane’s First Birthday Party via A Touch of Pink


Kids love dinosaurs and this party idea is amazing! I love the balloons and all the dinosaur toys spread out around the table.

American Greetings

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas via American Greetings

“Let’s Pawty” Puppy

This puppy party is so clever and cute! Plus, kids will love “adopting a puppy” and taking home their very own stuffed puppy.

Puppy Boys Birthday Party
Two Twenty One

Puppy Birthday Party via Two Twenty One

Daniel Tiger

I love the colors in this one. If your kiddo loves watching Daniel Tiger then this will absolutely blow them away! Click on the link below to see more details.

Daniel Tiger Boys Birthday Party
Bright & Bubbly

Our Daniel Tiger First Birthday Party via Bright & Bubbly

Very Hungry Caterpillar

The caterpillar made from floating paper lanterns is simply stunning! This very hungry caterpillar party is definitely a home run.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Boys Birthday Party
Party Delights

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Ideas via Party Delights


This colorful art party is so much fun. I really love the cookie easel cake and the paintbrush rice Krispie treats are darling!

Colorful Art Boys Birthday Party
Eclectic Momsense

Colorful Art Party via Eclectic Momsense

Monster Truck Smash

What little boy wouldn’t love a birthday party inspired by the word “Smash”?! This idea is just too fun and I love the cake!

Monster Truck Boy's Birthday Party
Parties With a Cause

Monster Truck Birthday Party Mash via Parties With a Cause


Scooby-Doo is an iconic show that kids love and it makes a great theme for a birthday party. Check out the Scooby snacks on the table. Yum!

Scoobie Doo Boy's Birthday Party
Chica and Jo

Scooby-Doo Birthday Party Ideas and Printables via Chica and Jo

Space Mission

Throw a space mission party for an out-of-this-world experience! The fun balloons and starry backdrop really help bring this theme to life.

Space Boy's Birthday Party
Tuesday’s With Jacob

Jacobs Space Mission 5 via Tuesday’s With Jacob


Give your little “wild one” an incredible birthday with a safari! The enormous stuffed animals and the fun green backdrop really really this one to life.

Safari Boys Birthday Party
Ahead of Thyme

Wild One Safari Birthday Party via Ahead of Thyme


Why choose just one sport when you can have 3?! I am loving this football, basketball, and soccer party. Click on the link below to get a closer look at all of these fabulous details!

Sports Themed Boys Birthday Party
Darleen Meier

Sports Themed Birthday Party via Darleen Meier


Here’s a fun party idea for a child who loves farm animals! This dessert table is too cute and the fence around it fits perfectly with the theme!

Farm Boys Birthday Party
Project Nursery

Elliot’s Farm Second Birthday Party via Project Nursery


Embrace the wild outdoors with this one-of-a-kind cowboy party! The cowboy hats, mustaches, and themed desserts make this party a blast!

cowboy birthday party table with food and desserts
Kelly Allison Photography

Cowboy Party via Kelly Allison Photography

“Chugga Two Two”! Train

This modern train party is so clever and so cute. I love how the railroad stripes are incorporated throughout the decorations!

Train Themed Boys Birthday Party
Lemon Thistle

Chugga Two Two! Modern Train Themed Birthday Party via Lemon Thistle

Harry Potter

A Harry Potter theme is so much fun because you can add in countless magical details including wand making, adopting an owl, playing quidditch, and drinking butterbeer! Love this!

Harry Potter Boys Birthday Party
Catch My Party

Chloe’s 9th Harry Potter Birthday via Catch My Party

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a classic animated character that has captured the hearts of children worldwide. Kids will love this simple and fun Mickey Mouse-themed party.

Mickey Mouse Boys Birthday Party
Inspiring Magical Memories

Disney Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party via Inspiring Magical Memories

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  1. Some great links there. I did both a Jungle Safari (which I somehow never blogged!) and a Farm party last year for both of mr boys. Finding a good theme for boys can be a challenge.

  2. Wonderful round-up!! Boy parties are close to my heart as I have 2 boys of my own. Thank you so much for including my Sailing Party which was featured on Amy Atlas!!

  3. Hi Jamielyn,,
    Thank you so much for using two of my parties in your round up. What a great idea!
    Live Smile Celebrate

  4. Hey, Jamielyn! Thanks so much for the little feature. I love your site, and it’s always so nice to see people talking about my work. All the best, and happy summer!

  5. Thanks a bunch for the awesome party ideas! I have 3 boys ๐Ÿ™‚ so these ideas will most definitely come in handy. I think I might even plan a cowboy party for my twins ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!!!

  6. I just tried to pin this page & Pinterest gave me an error message saying the page was blocked b/c it had been reported as inappropriate material! What on earth? Are they kidding? More importantly why would someone report this??

    I just thought I should let you know in case there’s anything that can be done about it!

  7. THANK YOU so much for this amazing round up. As a person who only grew up with sisters, I have really struggled to “get” the whole boy thing, especially as my son gets older. I SO appreciate you putting this together. My son will soon be having a camping party of his own. Yipee!!

  8. We had a bird party last year for my youngest. This year he had a rainbow party, and my oldest had an outer space party. We’ve done dinosaurs for him as well. Boy parties can be super fun!

  9. Awesome thoughts. Thanks for putting this together, I think this is a great resource! Thanks!!! Like this so much!!

  10. I love masks. I notice that children also love them. Hence I teamed up with another dad and created a website that lets you create animal masks for your children. You can resize them and even set them to outline mode so your children can colour them in. Then you just print them on your home printer. It’s a bit of a side project and we would love you feedback on them if you get the chance. We’ve got a bunch of free masks on there so it wont cost you anything to try it out for us. http://maskmakerapp.com/en

  11. These are indeed awesome party ideas, but why have you separated them into ‘boys’ and ‘girls’?
    I have a 5 year old daughter who would love all but the military “boys” parties. ย Please don’t assume that girls don’t like superheroes or gardening or any of the others.

    1. Hi Lyn! I agree, these definitely could be interchangeable, we just separated them based on if they were used at a girl or boys birthday from the different blogs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Whoa, I am so gonna do this! Thank you for sharing it. My boy’s bday is close so I am going to rush and prepare all the things I need for his party. I invite my family and close friends, hopefully everything is going well.

  13. We have a unique boys Birthday Party Place in Sydney called Big Blast http://www.bigblast.com.au We mainly do Kids Birthday Parties and also offer casual visits plus school holiday activities for kids ages 5-15

  14. ย I love Harry Potter Party from Toadโ€™s Treasures theme, ย next month is my son’s birthday. Thanks for the amazing list

  15. Definitely Love, love all the little touches, especially the treats ๐Ÿ˜€ Some great ideas for children parties!
    I have a question what did you use for the eyes, nose, buttons and mouth for Monster Bash?

  16. Wow! It was really an awesome collection of party ideas! Thanks. The boys are always changing their minds on what kind of birthday party they want. But one things for sure they love a themed birthday party.

  17. I love some of these ideas, especially the pirate cake pop medallions – they look unbelievably effective and scrumptious! I have two sons and can affirm that pirate themed parties are always a hit with the boys for their birthdays! We’ve actually had five pirate themed parties between the two of them, this is because one adores Peter Pan, while the older one is obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Either way – I now consider myself as a pirate party planner pro! Though I might have to steal the medallion pop cake idea for another party!

    Anyway I was wondering if you had any tips/inspiration for planning girls parties? My sister is currently planning her daughter’s 6th birthday party,and has enlisted my help – so any tips for princess/fairy/wonderland types of parties would be fabulous.

  18. These are some great birthday party ideas. My son would totally love that Willy Wonka Themed party. I’ll have to talk to him to make sure, but for the most part, I’m sure he’d like a themed party.

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    Nice way to finish off

  20. Wow! It was really an awesome collection of party ideas! Thanks. The boys are always changing their minds on what kind of birthday party they want. But one things for sure they love a themed birthday party. I had great experience with https://www.planetjashn.com. They did extremely well.

  21. I like that you said that one of the keys to setting the right mood for a party is picking the right music. My best friend and I are looking to host a private event but we need to come up with ideas. Thank you for sharing this information with us, I’m going to look for someone that can help me take care of all the important things needed to host an event.