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An Update on Our 1888 Fixer Upper + Paint Colors

An Update on Our 1888 Fixer Upper + Paint Colors… check out the progress we’ve made and I’m answering some of the top design questions!

I’ve been getting so many emails and DM’s about paint colors on our fixer upper after posting this image to instagram, so I figured I better do an update.

An update on our 1888 fixer upper + paint colors

I still don’t have very many after photos, because it is pretty dusty in there. However, we are getting SO close to being finished. Never in a million years did I imagine it would take this long, but I really love how it turned out. It’s everything I imagined and more. It took me days to figure out all the right paint colors. I really wanted to choose colors that would match the era. The grey I chose is timeless. I originally was going to go with a blue or navy for the exterior, but the grey won me over! I opted for a fun bright color on the door instead!

So here is the full list of paint colors we used below. I know y’all are dying to see more photos inside (crossing my fingers the electrician finishes this weekend so we can get it cleaned). I’ll have lots of after shots to show you over the next month! It really is quite the transformation. For now, I’m going to list all the colors we used (inside and out), so they are located in one post.

If this is your first time here you can see my first post on it here , the demo post here and the progress post here.

1888 fixer upper paint colors –

I found all of these colors at Sherwin Williams (my favorite brand of paint) and love how they all came together!

1888 fixer upper interior and exterior paint colors

Exterior paint colors:

Main color: Class french gray

Trim paint: Pure white

Front door: Holiday turquoise

Interior paint colors:

Main floor: Repose gray

Front room: Dorian Gray

Bathroom: Watery

Upstairs: Albaster

Trim paint: Pure white

Pocket door: Tricorn black

1888 fixer upper interior and exterior paint colors

Thanks so much for following along on my journey! It’s sure been a CRAZY ride! Never in a million years would have I imagined it would have taken this long, but there’s been a lot of lessons (some I’m still trying to figure out) learned along the way. I’m still planning on doing a post on that once it’s all finished 🙂

Thank you to Sherwin Williams for providing some of the paint for this house. 

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed you’ve done as much as you have in that time! We have an 1888 house (I recognize the window in your entry and your interior trim looks like a mini version of ours) and we’re still working on it 22 years after moving in! Granted, ours was move-in ready when we purchased it and we’ve worked on it while living in it, wiring and plumbing through the plaster, having floors refinished while on vacation, etc. Congratulations on nearing the end and having a new old house!

  2. Oh I love the paint colors you chose! We just finished putting on an addition on our house, so I understand about how crazy it can be!! I had the hardest time picking out paint colors but am really happy with what I ended up with. I am going to have to go back and check out the rest of your fixer upper posts! Hoping everything else gets done quickly and smoothly for you!!

  3. Love the color scheme. Was there a specific reason you went with a different gray for the front room? Thanks! 

  4. Hi! Your home is fabulous. You have a great eye for color.
    My question is you mentioned for the main exterior color of the shingles. You used French Gray.
    However the Sherwin Williams paint store only carries Light French Gray. 
    Unfortunately after trying it we found the color way too light. Surprisingly so!
    Our painter is almost ready for the color. 
    I our home is facing North and sits atop a hill.  obviously a corner lot. So pretty.
    I am searching for what appears to be the color you’ve used. 
    Not to our light, not too dark, without blue or tan undertones.
    CAn you help? I’m beside myself with overwhelm!
    Many thanks, Ilene

  5. Love this! I’ve been wanting to do greys and blues for our house and these are great ones! What colors are the bedrooms?

  6. Hi JAMIELYN ,

    I see you recommending Sherwin Williams above but I found it too expensive. What other alternatives would you recommend?

  7. I love the exterior paint colors. Would those colors go with a red brick? I was thinking Holiday Turquois for the Door, Tricorn Black for the shutters, French gray for the siding and Pure White for the Trim. Our house is all brick in the front, mostly brick on the sides, and all siding on the back.

    1. I love brick houses with black shutters! I’m not sure about the gray siding. But I think the white trim would look great and the holiday turquoise would be fun! 🙂