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DIY Pumpkin Succulent

This DIY pumpkin succulent planter is a cute and simple piece of fall décor that will only cost you a couple bucks to make!

These homemade fall succulents are the perfect centerpiece for your fall or Halloween mantel or Thanksgiving tablescape. They’re super inexpensive to make, but look so upscale!

diy pumpkin succulent

If you’re looking to make a DIY pumpkin decor for fall, I’ve got the perfect craft for you today. I spotted some pumpkin succulents at Pottery Barn for $35 last month and knew I could make them at home for way less.

The Dollar Store usually has foam pumpkins for a $1, so I headed there first. I picked up a few of those and then headed to the craft store to look for succulents. Luckily they were all on sale right now (since they are in the summer section), so it only cost me a few bucks for those. I already had some paint at home, so then I was all set.

pumpkin succulents on mantel

Supplies needed

  • Foam pumpkin (I got mine at the Dollar Store)
  • Pumpkin carver or cardboard knife
  • Metallic gold paint + paint brush
  • Newspaper or tissue paper (to add some height if desired)
  • Spanish moss
  • Succulents (stems removed) + small flowers if desired
  • Hot glue

How to assemble pumpkin succulent

  1. CUT. First cut off the top of the foam pumpkin with a pumpkin carver or cardboard knife.
  2. PAINT. Next paint your pumpkin. I didn’t paint mine all the way (just one brush stroke down), but you’re welcome to paint it a different color. You could even spray paint the pumpkin if you desired.
  3. STUFF. Once the paint has completely dried, add some newspaper or tissue paper (if desired) to the bottom of the pumpkin. This just makes it so you don’t have to add as much Spanish moss.
  4. GLUE. Then hot glue the moss inside the pumpkin (you don’t need much). Next you’ll hot glue your succulents and flowers on top.

assembling pumpkin succulent

Step-by-step video tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial that I did for Studio 5 during naptime, if you’d like to check it out!

That is it! Super easy and a cute way to add some fall décor to your home.

pumpkin succulent planter

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  1. This is cute easy fun fall project . A suggestion you could also use flowers at dollar store for top of punk in. You could get one vase and put flowerscin it next to punkin. Or after Halloween you could get flowers when go on sale.