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DIY Chalk Paint Table

DIY Chalk Paint Table and easy entertaining ideas for a simple weekend gathering with friends.

I am SO excited to show you my new white kitchen table. I recently spotted the Charlotte Pedestal Table from Ave Raw and fell in LOVE! The curves are absolutely gorgeous. I knew it would look perfect painted white with a little bit of distressing. It definitely brightens up my kitchen and makes it feel more open.

DIY Chalk Paint Table + Cheese Board... a beautiful new dressed table really opens up the kitchen!

I found these awesome metal blue chairs to go with the table and I think they go along perfectly. I used a Chalk Paint decorative paint to finish it and used my distressing technique. I even made a little video tutorial for you below. I used the same steps as I did on this dresser. 🙂

Once my table was painted, I picked up a fresh bunch of flowers for the top. I hosted a BBQ last weekend, so I knew I wanted something simple to spruce up the space.

DIY Chalk Paint Table + Cheese Board -- beautiful peonies

One thing I’ve learned over the past few years, is that you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen (or on making decor for that matter) to create a nice looking spread.

Since I had a pretty new table, a vase full of pink peonies on top was a must. Aren’t they gorgeous?! Fresh flowers are a must in my book when it comes to entertaining. They are the simplest way to decorate a table.

DIY Chalk Paint Table + Cheese Board... an easy place setting and everything is ready!

You could also set your table with a simple place setting. All I did was place the plates on top of chargers and then a napkin on top of the plate. Then for the name tag I cut off a few branches for my boxwood bushes outside and place them inside of a name tag.

DIY Chalk Paint Table + Cheese Board... the new table was so easy to DIY and have ready for a fun party

Are you swooning over the pedestal table yet? I seriously fall more in love every time I walk by!

So there you have it, some of my simple tips for painting a table!

DIY Painted Table & Distressing Technique!

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  1. I love peonies…they are one of my favorite flowers. I thought about trying to grow some, but my daughter told me that plants look at me and lose their will to live so I decided not to!!
    That cheese plate looks fabulous to. I wonder if I could count that as dinner?!?

    1. Haha! Peonies are incredibly easy to grow! The key is to not mow down the greens after they bloom. 🙂

      That cheese plate could ABSOLUTELY count as dinner! Make a veggie platter to go with it, and you have a wonderful summer meal!

    2. Peonies are the easiest flower to grow. It gets bushy & the blossoms are big, heavy & droop. I stake my bushes. I cut fresh ones & enjoy them in the house! Grow some & enjoy!!!

  2. Beautiful table, and I love the blue chairs. I’ve inherited my mom’s old maple table and am considering whether to refinish it in its original maple or paint it totally different. This gives me another possible idea. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I ABSOLUTELY love this kitchen table! It looks like you have a similar kitchen layout as I do…I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a view of the whole kitchen? I’m trying to convince my husband that a round table would look gorgeous in the space we have ? And I think your layout is the ticket!!! 

  4. I love the aqua/blue chairs. I’ve searched all over the internet tying to find the same ones, where did you purchase these?

  5. I am *so* obsessed with your round, white kitchen table that I ordered my very own!  It’s coming Monday and I’m working up the courage to paint it myself.  Do you feel like the chalk paint finish has been durable enough? Did you seal the paint with wax?  Thank you!

    1. Yay!! Yes it has been super durable! I did seal the paint with wax after it had a full 24 hours to dry. Let me know how it turns out!