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Spooky Yarn Wreath

yarn wreath

Hey friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Today I’m going to show you how to make this spooky Halloween yarn wreath I made on Arizona Midday.

{Yarn Wreath}


  • Foam Wreath (Hobby Lobby)
  • Yarn (Jo-Ann’s)
  • Lace (Jo-Ann’s)
  • Flowers (Handmade)
  • Spanish Moss (from Dolllar Tree)
  • Black Bird (from Dollar Tree)
  • Spooky Sign (from Hobby Lobby)
  • tacky glue

yarn wreath


1. Glue one end of yarn to the wreath and wrap the yarn ALL the way around the foam wreath…yup keep going!! Once you reach the end tack it down with a little glue.

yarn wreath

2. Wrap lace around back of the wreath and tack it down with tacky glue.

yarn wreath

3. Add some hand made flowers (look here for tutorials) for a fun little touch.

spanish moss vintage

4. Glue Spanish Moss on top of the lace seam. Just a warning…this stuff gets pretty messy! 😉

halloween wreath

5. Glue black bird on top of Spanish moss.

Optional: Glue spooky sign to the top of the wreath.

halloween wreath

Enjoy your new SPOOKY (my kind of spooky at least) Halloween yarn wreath!

Come back tomorrow to see the full tutorial for the skeleton frame and wreath hanger! Smile

Thanks for reading! Have a happy Monday!

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  1. You are officially the cutest person ever! I LOVE the Spooky Halloween stuff! I love Orange-less halloween decor! Looks so spooky and fun!!

    xoxo, Mallory

  2. Thanks for putting that Arizona Midday segment up. I was googling it online and couldn’t find it. You did a GREAT JOB on there! 🙂

    Sometime Halloween decorations can look tacky, but you make them look so awesome! I’ll definitely bee trying both the wreath and the spooky picture frame!

  3. I think this is one of my FAVORITE Halloween wreaths that I have come across! I just love all of the details! How exciting that you were on TV – you looked great and so natural. I think I would be a mess! Have a great week.
    Jenn 🙂

  4. I think my favorite part of this wreath is the black lace! Such a great addition to the yarn wreath! I love this look 🙂

  5. OMGosh! You are so cute! Loved your segment! You are such a natural. I really loved the projects too – the wreath is gorgeous…..can you call Halloween stuff gorgeous?!! LOL. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Usually I’m not just a fan from the yarn wreaths but that one is amazing. It’s really stunning.I think the best thing about this wreath may be the black lace! This type of great addition to the yarn wreath! I love this look.

  7. Wow, this turned out great. I love it! I hope you will link this up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party.

  8. I saw your absolutely DARLING wreath on Craft Gossip this morning. I am not really a Halloween person, but I love to decorate my house for the holidays and this wreath is just the thing for me. Luckily, I live in UT so I can get my supplies from Hobby Lobby & JoAnn’s and Dollar Tree!
    Thanks so much for your tips and great VIDEO. I am printing it out as we speak.
    Have a happy holiday too.

  9. I was so excited to see one of my favorite Halloween crafts linked up at my party. I featured it on my facebook page as well. Thanks so much!
    Jenn 🙂

  10. This came out so beautifully…. I mean spooky. I am on a big wreath kick. Adding this to next year’s halloween ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking…