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Handmade Metal Tin Flowers

Metal tin flowers made from disposable cookie sheets! The perfect way to dress up the garden or patio. 

Hello! I am Jeanie from Create & Babble and I’m just a wee bit – okay a whole lot – excited to be here today and show you my tin flowers made from disposable cookie sheets!

Tin Flowers on wall

Here’s the story behind these flowers. Back in May, I was on vacation and shopping in Cape May, NJ and I spotted these sweet metal flowers hanging outside of a little boutique. After going in the shop and checking out the price of said sweet metal flowers, I decided right then and there that I was going to try and make my own version of those flowers. I had no idea how or with what, but I was determined. I have no knowledge of cutting metal or even tin for that matter. Then one day it hit me – disposable tin pans! I could easily cut and bend disposable tin pans! 

Tin Flowers hanging on wooden wall

 If you want to make these tin flowers, here’s what you’ll need:


  • disposable cookie sheets
  • scissors
  • template of a 6-petal flower (free download below)
  • marker to trace flower template
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • wire to coil for center
  • hot glue gun

How to make metal tin flowers

I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the 6-petal flower template but you can just draw a simple 6-petal flower or print the free template below. If you’re using the template, you can print off the smaller version or tape the bigger version together after printed.

After I traced and cut the flower out of card stock. I placed the flower onto a cookie sheet and traced it with a marker.I cut out the flower using scissors.

cutting out tin flowers

Then I painted the flower with about 3 coats of leftover chalk paint. Since my flowers are hanging outside, I also brushed on a coat of polycrylic.

After the paint and polycrylic was dry, I wanted to get the dimensional look of the inspiration flowers. I lifted each petal toward the center and bent back the end and slightly curled each petal. Here’s a photo of the back to give you a better idea.

shaping tin flower

The inspiration flower has a coiled wire in the center. I found this wire at home depot and it works perfectly.

Bonus: it comes in many colors! I cut off about 15″ of the wire, coiled it, and hot glued it to the center of my flower.

yellow wire in packaging

Super easy and looks so fun for summer!

Metal Tin Flowers

Thank you Jamielyn so much for having me!


I am Jeanie from Create & Babble where I share my crafting, DIY and home improvement adventures. I love to make pretty things, and make things pretty! 

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  1. Brilliant ! I saw something in the store that I wanted to make with a tin star on it but didn’t know how to do it. Thanks so much for sharing your talents

  2. Very cute! I wouldn’t be able to use hot glue for outside here though – it would melt right off! I wonder if E6000 would work ok.

    1. I agree, hot glue would melt here in Texas! I’m not sure if e6000 would work, you could test it with something else! or poke small holes and thread some fishing line here and there to hold the coil, that would probably work. I want to make these too!

  3. I suggest poking a hole in the flower and using a brad to hold the coil on…oh and that way you can also do several flower shapes to layer. I have wanted to buy the ones at hobby lobby, but didn’t because of the cost. So thank you so much this. It is on my to do list. Too bad I have pans at school and we have two snow days.

  4. Thanks for great ideas ? I am 65 years old and am trying to learn some crafting,I look forward to learning God Bless. 

  5. Love these tin flowers! Yours came out really cute even if they do have texture. First of all since you did these many years ago, do you still have them? How well did they hold up? Also, if you don’t still have them about how long did they last? Don’t know if you are aware but they sell thin metal sheeting usually at Lowe’s or Home Depot. You could also use liquid nails which there are many different ones for many different uses including outside. I’m actually working on metal flowers made from soda cans right now but I would love some larger ones like these. Oh and you can also buy rolls of metal at Dollar Tree in the craft section that would work perfectly for the centers.

    1. Hi Shirley! This was a guest post, so I’m not sure how well they held up. The thin metal sheeting and liquid nails sound great! 🙂

  6. Hi there! I love these! So so cute! I’m dying to try to make them!
    Can you share the size of these flowers?
    I’m trying to find a template for the 15 inch disposable cookie sheets .. Thank you!

  7. I purchased the cookie sheets. I’m not excited about the texture of them and am thinking about trying a rolling pin to smooth out the bumps. Any suggestions?

  8. Where do you find big cookie sheets I was thinking of a pie pan but that wouldn’t be big enough. I love how you are sharing your idea .I seen some flowers metal and they was so exspendive but I couldn’t think how to make them thank you so much for sharing.