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Cheers to the Best School Year Ever Printable Tag

"Cheers to the Best School Year Ever!" Printable Tag

Maureen Anders of Anders Ruff here and completely in the “back to school” spirit!
My boys are BOTH in school this year (Kindergarten and 2nd grade)! They are both quite the talkers, so in order to “butter up” the teachers, we always send them off to school the first day with a little something special for their teacher. Just a little something extra to make the teacher feel special and fingers crossed that one of these years my boys will be a teacher’s pet!? (Who said teacher’s can’t have pets?)
I was trying to think of what to bring the teachers and then Adria Ruff’s (the other half of Anders Ruff) daughter gave me an idea. From what I hear, the trend is that lots of teachers bring these clear insulated beverage cups to school. Start your teacher’s school year out right with a new insulated cup to use in the classroom….

"Cheers to the Best School Year Ever!" Printable Tag

But you can’t send a cup empty! So we filled it with lots of little necessities that teachers love! Everything from little chocolates, mints, cough drops, erasers, cute pencils, tape and more! Stuff as much as you can into these cups!

"Cheers to the Best School Year Ever!" Printable Tag

We just came out with a fun set of editable Trendy School Labels for our kiddos to label their belongings and school supplies, so I knew I had to match that collection with a printable tag for you all….
To finish off the gift, we tied on a printable “Cheers to the Best School Year Ever” gift tag with the teacher’s name and child’s name.
The best part, these tags are FREE from us at Anders Ruff!

"Cheers to the Best School Year Ever!" Printable Tag

These “Cheers” gifts are SO simple to make!

"Cheers to the Best School Year Ever!" Printable Tag

1. Insulated Cup with Straw (You can find them at Starbucks, Target, etc. We got ours at TJ Maxx for $6!)
2. Items to fill the cup with. We used pencils, packs of gum, erasers, mini chocolate bars, tic tacs, cough drops, large erasers, packing tape, scissors, permanent markers, tissues, and more! Dollar store items are great, too!

1. Download the Free Printable Cheers tag below.
2. Print on bright white cardstock or photo paper.
3. Trim along edges.
4. Write your child’s teacher’s name and your child’s name on the tag.
5. Attach with twine, ribbon or raffia.

"Cheers to the Best School Year Ever!" Printable Tag

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  1. Love it! It’s a cute yet completely practical gift idea! I work for a printing company that sells promotional products and the clear insulated tumblers are a HUGE seller. Companies buy them as corporate gifts, colleges sell them in their campus stores, booster clubs sell them for fundraisers… They really are great for just about any age and demographic 🙂 Which is why I think you’re idea would also make for a great birthday party giveaway, valentine, or a “just thinking of you” gift! Thanks for the idea 🙂