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Gift Idea: Grandma Blocks!

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homemade gifts for grandma

I made these fun blocks for both Grandma’s Christmas presents this year! They LOVED them!


I remember seeing something similar at a holiday boutique and they cost $40. Trust me you can make them much cheaper- and probably cuter too!

painted wood blocks

I started out with a 4x4x8. Then I cut the blocks ( and when I say I, I mean the guys at home depot lol) down to 3.5 in. The base I had cut to 7 inches.

applying vinyl

After I gave each block a couple coats of paint I printed out the vinyl with my Silhouette.  You could really do any variation of colors. I chose a more neutral color to match their houses.

distress ink

Then I distressed the edges with a little distress ink. Gosh I love this stuff!

hand painted gifts

Next I cut my pictures down to 3×3 and modpodged them on.

homemade gifts for mom

Once they were dry I tied a little bow around them, and sent them off to grandma’s!

Both grandma’s loved them!

I have seen this quote altered to say “Mom,” “Dad,” or “Grandpa.”

Get creative, and get crafting!

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  1. Hi there! I LOVE these and want to make something similar with pictures of my daughters’ first smiles- did you just Mod Podge right onto the photo? Or did you have to photocopy it onto regular paper first? Thanks!!

  2. I love your blog! I’ve just started following you…what great ideas, very inspirational. Checked out the Silouette site…..how much fun would it be to win a machine….I could make endless gifts for family and friends and share this new craft with everyone! Thanks for considering me! Best regards!!

  3. I love these! I shared this on my FB & Twitter too (I just think it’s such a great idea)! We’ll be making a similiar version of this! Thanks so much for this!

  4. I love this! I’m going to feature this tomorrow on a Mother’s Day roundup! 🙂

  5. I saw this through pinterest! I was wondering, would this work with a normal photo? Or does the photo have to printed on vinyl?
    thanks! I love this idea!

  6. I love this. I am going to have to Google to find out how to modpodged. Also, Did you use a stencil to put the saying on the large Block? Thanks, Leisa

  7. Hi, I’m from the UK and saw this and thought it was fab, but can you please tell me what modpodge is???
    i was considering using a varnish? what do you think?
    Thanks x

  8. I love this! I will be making this for my mom’s birthday from the kids. What type of paint did you use to paint the blocks? Also did you do all the edges or just the front with the ink and did you use gloss type stuff on just pictures or other block too to make them all glossy looking? 

    1. Hi Jessica! I used acrylic craft paint to paint the blocks. I painted all sides of the blocks, inked the edges, and covered them in modge podge for the glossy look! 🙂

  9. I would love to do this for my family this Christmas.  Is there a more inexpensive way of printing the pictures and sayings out instead of using the Silouette machine?  A single mom living on a very tight budget.  Thank you.  Mere 

    1. You could try modge-podging regular copy paper – I’d try a scrap piece of a paper on a scrap piece of wood to test first, if your budget is tight (and I can respect a tight budget!).