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DIY Mother’s Day Gift from Kids

Mothers and grandmothers will love this quick and easy DIY Mother’s Day Gift from kids! It’s easy, thoughtful and sure to make them smile! 

This free printable is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for kids to make. Most kids love to color, so this is a fun and easy craft. Check out these other free Mother’s Day printables for even more gift ideas. 

mother's day gifts from kids
I’m so excited to share this Mother’s Day gift with you! My daughter is in a phase where she takes paper from my printer and draws on it. And when I say she takes paper from the printer, I mean she takes ALL of it. I’m constantly going to print items and restocking my printer. The girl draws all the time. I can’t really get mad, though because I was/am the same way. I’m actually pretty proud!

girl drawing on mother's day gift
I try to find ways to keep her paper use to a minimum, like making little drawing “books” or small art projects. This one was perfect for her. I had her color the pages as she liked, then helped her write in all the things she likes about her grandmothers.

mother's day gifts for kids to make


  • Free printable (includes a version for moms and grandmas)
  • Washi tape (for decorating the edges, optional)
  • Ribbon (for hanging, optional) 

I made it extra cute by adding some washi tape around the edges and some ribbons to hang it up. This printable is a clean slate, so you can decorate it however you like with glitter, flowers, etc.

mother's day printables

I love this idea because it’s something that older kids can complete on their own and it’s a fun craft to do with little ones. It helps kids think of ways to appreciate their mothers and grandmothers and that’s always a good thing!

mother's day gift from kids

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Post originally contributed by Erin from Strawberry Mommycakes.

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  1. I love this! There’s nothing like a present made by the little ones. It looks really pretty, too! Where did you get the peach washi tape?