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Spider Suckers

Hello my lovely friends! Talitha from Love, Pomegranate House here. I’m so happy to be back with all of you this month to share a fantastic little treat just in time for Halloween! I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about Halloween is passing out candy to all the little ones that come to our door. In hopes of making those treats a little bit more fun, I decided to spruce them up and make some Spider Suckers!

Spider Suckers

Spider Suckers

These are crazy easy to make and absolutely adorable. Here is a supply list:


  • Lollipops
  • 12-inch Pipe cleaners (2 per spider)
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors/wire cutters
  • Glue

Spider Suckers

Each spider will use 2 pipe cleaners. Begin by taking your pipe cleaners and cutting them in half so that you have 4 pieces.

Spider Suckers

Align the 4 pipe cleaner pieces and place a lollipop in the center. Wrap 1 side the pipe cleaners all the way around the lollipop stem. Pull tight.

Spider Suckers

Flip the sucker over and separate the “legs”. Bend the ends to create little feet. It can be a little tricky to get the spider to lay flat with the weight of the sucker, so you have to play with it. It helps to have the back feet closer to the head of the sucker.
Once you have the legs positioned, dab a little glue onto the back of the googly eyes and place them on your spider.

Spider Suckers

Now take a step back and admire your little spider sucker! Isn’t he cute? Not at all creepy, like the real ones.

Spider Suckers

You can even venture to make a daddy-long-legs by using the entire pipe cleaner, rather than cutting them.

Spider Suckers

And one of the things I love about these is that they work great not just to give out as treats on Halloween, but they would be fantastic for a school party for chillens! Bonus that the kids can even make these themselves.
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  1. The Spider Suckers are just too cute and so easy to do that I can make them for all the special tricker treaters that come my way on hallows eve!

  2. What type of glue did you use to adhere eyes to pipe cleaners? I tried elmer’s school glue but not sticking. Thanks! Such a cute idea. Can’t wait to make them!

    1. Hi Leslie! We used Elmer’s Craft Bond glue, which is a bit more of a clear, thick, permanent gluten. Other brands would be like a Gorilla Glue or a bonded craft glue. 🙂

    1. Oh, I just grabbed the ones from the store – I didn’t see multiple sizes available. I think they are maybe a half inch in diameter?