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Embroidered Canvas Art

As a young girl, I remember watching my grandmother sew all the time. Plastic canvas creations, embroidered artwork… she even made the dress I wore to my first dance in middle school! The first time she taught me how to sew was on a small piece of plastic canvas that I stitched my name into, and I’ll never forget those memories with her. While I’m sure I’ll never be as talented with a needle and thread as she was, I’ve managed to create some fun things for my home with those skills she taught me, including today’s Embroidered Canvas Art!

Embroidered Canvas Art on iheartnaptime.com

I wanted to come up with some possible artwork for an office makeover that’s in the works, and the words “choose joy” seemed so fitting. It’s such a simple sentiment that I try to remind myself of everyday. Ignore the bad, let go of the stress, and CHOOSE joy!

I found a way to create a raised, 3-dimensional look that jumps right off the canvas, and the bright colored embroidered letters really make a big statement! I think you’re going to love this fun spin on word art!


  • blank canvas
  • pencil
  • rope or cord
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • embroidery floss
  • needle


Embroidered Canvas Art on iheartnaptime.com


I found it easiest to do this project without the canvas frame in the way. To remove it, I just flipped the canvas over, removed the staples, and pulled out the frame.


Embroidered Canvas Art on iheartnaptime.com


I started by lightly drawing my letters onto the canvas with a pencil. Then I took my roll of rope trim and placed it over each letter, securing it to the canvas with hot glue as I went. Since I chose to use a cursive font, in each place where the lines crossed, I cut the trim and started a new section instead of doubling the thickness in those places.

Once I had all the letters covered, I started stitching over the trim with my embroidery floss, hiding the trim underneath the thread. This part does take some time and patience, so I would recommend choosing shorter words/phrases and stretching your sewing time out over a few days.

Embroidered Canvas Art on iheartnaptime.com

Even though this project does take a bit of time, the gorgeous dimension of the final product is something really special! See how the letters just jump right off the canvas?


Embroidered Canvas Art on iheartnaptime.com

I wasn’t sure about this teal color at first, but wow, is it beautiful. The bright, bold letters and hand-sewn details make this artwork truly special!


Embroidered Canvas Art on iheartnaptime.com

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY artwork idea today! For more project inspiration, head on over to Love Grows Wild and browse our Project Gallery anytime! Have a beautiful day! xoxo Liz

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  1. Where did you find the rope you used? I can’t find anything similar that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

    1. Walmart in the camping section. Rolls of the cord for about $3.00. The cord is usually green or brown but you can probably find white somewhere. Color doesn’t matter anyhow as you’re covering it with the embroidery thread (which can be found at the dollar store!).